Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heat stroke in cats

Even 38C & high humidity didn't stop me from my walk today. I get antsy and I need to clear my head and a long walk will do that.  I miss my walking buddy as she travels but am determined to keep doing the 5km walk 3x a week.
I felt sorry for these's too darn hot.

Flowers adorn the bridge in the center of our town.

Now these kids had the right idea.
Tucked away in a shady spot on his porch was this old cat.
I see him every day on my walk.

Then it was off to cat sit ...

Ebony is very shy until I sit on the floor.
Then the purrs, rubs and snuggles are plentiful. Up one side, down the other. She yanks on my hair and stands on her back legs to reach my face. Snuggle, snuggle, rub a dubdub. I leave her home looking like an old bag lady, clothes wrinkled and covered in cat hair.
She is 13 years old and shameless as can be. I'm smitten.

Lucky has it figured out.
She is smart enough to stay back and wait to see what tactics I use to entice her closer.

We are bonding. OK...the treats worked and now we are friends. No need for treats anymore (well, maybe once in awhile).

I finished up my visits with the boys, Bud & Chase this morning. They live in a lovely, cool log cabin with large windows for their pleasure.

The birds & squirrels were fed so they will be entertained now while they wait for their person to return. The second he returns they are out the door. I love these two brothers.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=avoiding heat-stroke in cats

In this heat I worry about out-door cats. They can suffer heat-stroke just like a human can. Here are a few things to watch for if your cat spends time outside in this blistering heat.

2.Anxiety (pacing)
3.Increased heartbeat
4.Respiratory distress
5.Dark red gums
7.Increase body temperature. (Over 102.5 deg)

To avoid this, please keep your cat inside in this hot, humid weather. If that is impossible, leave lots of cold water outside for your cat and I don't mean one bowl. Leave many bowls of cold water here and there in shady spots so there is no chance they run out. Provide a shady spot for them to sleep. Check on them periodically to be sure they are not showing any of the above signs.

hugs, Deb


  1. Those photos of cool running water are so refreshing on a day like today.
    Our 'barn cats' spend hot days sprawled on the porch following the shady spots or up in one of the barns. They reappear when the sun goes down and I see them playing in the yard at night when the automatic light comes on.
    The elderly black cat sounds like a sweetie.

  2. These felines are so lovely!
    I really don't like hot, humid weather.... =(
    Thanks for the tips on heat and cats.
    My apartment gets too hot sometimes and I worry about my kitty brats.
    I leave out lots of water. Right now I believe there are 8 bowls, wine glasses and margarita glasses on my floor =) Turn off all lights. Put on the fans. The air conditioner. But once that afternoon sun starts blaring through my window--its not so nice.
    Any other hints and tips would be very much appreciated!

  3. Excellent advice. Awww you must love every kitty you take care of, and I'm sure most of them love you too. What a great job.

  4. What a pretty and quaint town you live in! Thanks for the pics. I love all your cats. Seeing them sure makes me miss Clyde and Emily. But it's worth it to see your love of these kitties you care for. And then I sort of feel like I've had my cat love of the day.

  5. The bridge with flowers is so pretty. I am constantly getting Clovis back into the house and having him cool off. He loves sitting on the deck but was recently in an altercation with something, maybe one of our owls and I am keeping an eye on him. He sleeps with us at night.

  6. My cats favourite spot in the heat is either snoozing in front of the fan or sprawled out across the tile floor in the laundry room. We also put ice cubes in their water and add iced water to their wet fod.
    Jane x

  7. Good idea, Jane.Never thought of that.

  8. Oh, Deb, it's been blistering hot here in New England for the past few days so I know the kind of weather you're talking about! I actually filled the birdbaths all over the yard 3 times today! Baby is such a cutie pie, isn't she? I think you should definitely feature each of your six in their own blogposts! I loved the kitties you shared today!! Try to stay cool :)... Donna

  9. Wow Deb, we did not know that it got soo hot where you live. It never usually gets about 30degrees here.

    We hope you keep cool and get some breezes blowing your way.

    have a lovely weekend.
    Julie and Poppy Q

  10. Yep - about 100 degrees in South Jersey yesterday - so glad i have indoor cats and not a worry for their comfort - spoiled precious babies that they are. Enjoying some snuggles with them today between writing assignments!

  11. It's frustrating when you see pets outside in the hot hot sun ~ especially if there is not water around!

    The joy of a spoiled cat ~ wonderful! :)

    xo Catherine

  12. I can't believe they were out ROOFING in that incredible heat last week!! UGH! I hope they kept hydrated!