Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You can't see the deer for the tractor

When men look at vehicles of any sort, does the rest of the world around them magically disappear?
 Does all else fade away and the machine comes to life?
 I tell ya, these two guys had to be in a trance to miss out what was happening only feet from where they stood worshipping an old tractor.

I sat in the car and had the privilege of seeing this little family saunter by.

Yes, they walked right behind the men and neither of them noticed.

What does this say? It must be true that a man's brain is 75% steel, paint and pistons.

Btw...we bought the tractor.

off to cat-sit Josephine =^..^=... Another beauty!

hugs, Deb


  1. Hilarious, and typical!! And Josephine is lovely.

  2. Too funny. Beautiful family and what a great portrait of the beautiful Josephine.

  3. That is pretty funny. Boys and their toys. :p

    Beautiful deer! I bet you were glad to have had your camera with you.


  4. I love your pictures! How funny!

  5. You said it perfectly! And what a good laugh I had!

    I was at a local resort about 2 months ago and they had a display with a tractor from 1919 that still ran!
    The gentleman said there us no such thing as an old tractor. There are newer ones, but not old ones. They go on forever.

  6. Men are so funny! Look at the beauty they miss! Josephine is certainly a beauty too!

  7. Hi Deb: You got that right!! And there's my Maggie look alike.=.^.^=
    I tried to do that, didn't quite work out..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. The absorption of males in an old tractor or an aged vehicle is pretty funny--sometimes it is down-right exasperating!

  9. I'm more interested in seeing more of Josephine than any dumb tractor! She's a hottie!!

  10. Funny men! those deer are beautiful.

    Just as an aside, if you bought an old tractor you should get a roll bar put on it for safety if it doesn't have one. They can be deadly without it.

  11. My yell would be "Hunter!" Didnt take long after getting him as a kitten to not have flowers, paw right in the water, and to not leave an open glass of any beverage including coffee. I am now so used to putting everything in water bottles or covered travel mugs it feels odd to drink out of an open container. His other thing is climbing up on whatever is handy and swinging anything framed on the wall. Used to drive me crazy. No amount of sqirt bottle or scolding has ever broken him of the habit. Now only illness and age keeps him from getting high enough to do it. So instead he pushes things off the desk or side table. Once a dickens always a dickens. Isnt it funny how they know they have been naughty but it doesnt seem to stop them from doing it again!

  12. I call it men and motors! Oh well, you got the good show! Hugs, Linda