Friday, June 29, 2012

A post from my kitchen

"Ha..hahahahaha! They'd certainly know where the cat-sitter lives.

I made some Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies yesterday.
They are so delicious & moist and have a spicy flavour.

They, of course, go perfect with tea. Try to eat just one.
I am so loving these blue and white dishes.

                          Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies

"Good morning, Annie"

The weather this week is wonderful. Summer is here. There is so much joy on the screened-in deck.
They want to be fed out there now. That's right...I now am a delivery service.

I'm off to cat-sit Buddy. Remember him?

"Happy Friday, everyone"
hugs, Deb


  1. The cookies look good and there is nothing like blue and white china!

  2. Have a great long weekend, Deb!
    Jane x

  3. Happy Friday! The cookies sound so good.

  4. Love your writing Deb, very swirly. lol

  5. Deb, dear friend,
    Your oatmeal cookies look divine!
    I'm sorry I get so little time visiting these days - it actually gets past midnight before each little kitty is tucked in and as you can gather - they just keep coming. I met a French lady at the vet today who has around a 100 cats. I can't imagine how she manages but she is very calm and cool. It's just a delight to meet anyone on this island who rescues even a few cats. It's truly never ending and maybe it just feels more in your face because we live on a small island and there is no escaping it.
    I'm so pleased to see you're able to feed a little stray. When arriving here in Greece I had a very hard time accepting that not all cats can be destined for a comfy loving indoor life, but it helps a little realizing that they can actually live a life of some quality even outdoor (I truly wish I had the funds to create a proper little shelter at the dumpster). Anyhow...
    I hope all is well with all your furry treasures.
    Sending a big hug from Greece
    - and thank you Deb for your always sweet and comforting words,

  6. Sweet sweet kitties. I just lost Clovis for a minute, outside, in 107 degree weather. He is not fond of litter boxes but in a pinch will use one.

  7. Perfect timing, dear Deb, as I needed to cook up some "still good but no longer crunchy" gala apples. This is just the sort of oaty cookie recipe I have been looking for ....... and I wont have to share the results with my strictly carnivore Zebby Cat!

    Sending care and huggles from Wellington, NZ, Michelle (Zebby is very busy sleeping just now)

    p.s. - I hope you have a very happy Canada Day celebration