Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black beauty

She is a senior cat and very pampered. She takes her time to warm up to you but once she does, she is very present.
To keep Ebony healthy, her owners give her soft and dry food fed in intervals throughout the day & fresh water twice daily. Before serving her food, a little warm water is added to make it a little easier on her tummy. She loves it and laps it up.

I wondered if my crew of oldsters would appreciate having their food warmed up with a little hot water before I serve it to them. I tried it...they liked it. Especially Mr. Ed. He really liked it and ate more than he usually does in one sitting. So, we may have a new addition to their feeding regime. Yep, just what I need. I'm never fast enough as it is for Audrey.  "I'm dying here...can't you hear my tummy rumble?"
"I'm about to pass out from hunger, you know"
 Then promptly jumps into my face. She has some manners to learn but she is just a baby still. 

Ebony also gets Tonic Lax twice weekly. That is a gel that is in a tube and meant to help rid the stomach of excess hair from grooming. A 2 inch amt. is placed on the side of her dish and she eats it along with her dinner. I have used that on my cats and recommend it for some cats. I have also seen where it causes digestive issues and loose stool so in that case adding pumpkin to their soft food will move the food through and pick up lots of hair on its' way. It is added fibre and just like humans cats can benefit from it.

It's a hot day again today but we have had rain and the humidity is gone. This is more like the summer I love.
I may even get Kane out for a long walk about town today.

Enjoy that sunshine and drop by again to meet the most gorgeous new client who looks smashing in 'stripe'.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your photo of Audrey is just wonderful, what an expression.

    My Rupert suffers from hairballs and I buy Katalax but I have to disguise it in tuna or he sniffs it out. lol
    I wonder if pumpkin would do though. Would mashed butternut be the same?

    Wish our weather would make its mind up. So far this year we have had about 2 weeks of summer. Today it is blowing a gale, again, and tomorrow lashing rain is promised.


  2. Awww , Audrey you sure can see how hungry you are in this picture :)
    My know a human that heat the catfood in the microwave (just for a few seconds) for her cat , that works too ;-)

  3. That Audrey, what an amazing kitty face.
    Ive always put hot water in my kids wet food. Helps keep then hydrated since they are both a pill about drinking from a bowl. And I cant imagine cold from the fridge fish is very nice...
    Interesting about pumpkin, never thought of that. Both my kids like and have eaten people food all their lives. A little olive oil on the chow helps with hairballs too.
    So enjoy your blog!

  4. Several of my kitties demand that their wet food be served warm or they turn up their nose at it! Soon, they will demand the good china!

  5. I put a little warm water on the raw food I give our cats (not enough to "cook" the meat.) They really seem to appreciate that!

    That Audrey has one amazing face. What a character! She'd give EMily a run for her money!

  6. DEb: How do you make that "ham" put those expressions on her face??!!She cracks me up and thanks for all the healthy tips..Happy Saturday..Judy

  7. Oh, it's all her, Judy. She is a nut.