Monday, June 4, 2012

a gift from the garden & a treasure of a plate

Flowers from your own garden always look more beautiful and smell more fragrant than store bought bouquets. When the bouquet comes from your daughter's garden...all the more sweeter they are.
 Thank you, Jess. They are gorgeous.

Before I collected tea-cups I was always drawn to beautiful plates. I don't have a large collection but the ones I have, I love. This one is my very favorite. It is a Bradford Exchange, painted by Jim Daily in 1990 and the name of it is Contentment.
It has been raining for days here so the lighting is not the best.
This plate always leaves me smiling. Even with a few scratches,
I love everything about it...right down to her socks.
My little teacup today is from a set of 2 with a matching tea-pot. I picked them up in a gift shop many years ago. There is nothing written on them but they looked so unique and I have used them often.

Speaking of 'Contentment'...who can do it better.
hugs, Deb

I'm joining up with Tea-time Tuesday at Sandi's and Marty at for Tabletop Tuesday.


  1. Deb, I love your plate. I recived my China teacup and saucer today. It is beautiful. I'm having my final cup of tea before going to bed. Thank you so much.

  2. Deb: Beautiful flowers from your daughter. Aren't daughter's wonderful? That is a really sweet plate, she is a cutie. Can you say contented cats, so precious..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. oh I love that plate..and I love the 3 babies all snuggled up sleeping..that is most precious.;)

  4. Hi Deb, What a beautiful plate and I like your tea cup too! The iris and the furbabies are lovely as well.

  5. That is a sweet plate, I've collected a few myself from the Bradford Exchange. Beautiful irises from your daughter and content kitties on the couch.

  6. lovely flowers
    sweet plate-wish they still made it
    love the feline trio snuggling together-perfect for a rainy day!

  7. Hi Deb,
    Your irises are gorgeous and the plate is darling! I have a couple of Bradford Exchange plates that my Dad left me. They are very dear to me! He had quite a collection of plates whch were quickly snatched up by other family members. Your kitties look so content all curled up side by side. Thanks for joining me for tea, my friend, and have a lovely week.


  8. Beautiful flowers, love the plate, and, oh my, love the pic of your three curled up together!

    1. Congrats! You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy reading your posts. Your kitty picture is adorable.

      Summerwinds garden centers

  9. Love flowers -- garden flowers and they grace the table of Linderhof all spring, summer and fall (although when pickings are sparse, the herb foliaage fills in!) Lovely plate but the most precious of all is the picture of the cats -- that is contentment.

  10. I can see why the plate is your favourite. The kitten's belly is so rubbable!
    It's been a weekend of snuggling together here too.
    Jane x

  11. That cute plate does bring a smile to the face ~ adorable! Very pretty flowers Deb!
    xo Catherine

  12. Contentment for sure! Love the bearded iris. I bet they smell good too! Happy Tea Day!

  13. Your plate is fabulous, what a lovely tea setting. The iris is fabulous, and such a pretty pic. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  14. The iris is beautiful, I love the deep purple color.

    Such a sweet picture on the plate; a look on contentment just like your kitties.

  15. Hi Deb!
    Beautiful flowers and the plate is adorable. I've always loved loved that print of the little girl with her cat.

  16. Hi Deb,
    as a cat lover I love your Bradford plate also. What a cute picture. And I don't know wich picture is cuter, the plate or your sleeping sweeties. How nice is that? I have never seen a picture with more peace.
    Best greetings, Johanna