Monday, June 11, 2012

Calaus & a give-away

This is Calaus
He is the boldest, bad-to-the-bone feline on our street. He loves to sit on everyone's parked cars and when you tell him to move he stands his ground. When leashed dogs walk by he puffs his back up and slowly moves towards them, ears flat, eyes big and tail enormous. Slowly, slowly until the dog runs for cover under the owners legs. Dogs fear this guy.
I have cared for Calaus and believe me, this cat is full of himself. His eyes are captivating; one blue and one gold. When he struts you can see every muscle move.
I'll be the first to admit that I find him very amusing at times but I do worry about him (and all neighbourhood dogs). He seems to be very street savvy and stays close to home but I'm a worrier and I guess his owners are a little more relaxed in that department. I have never seen him fight with another outdoor cat but I would put money on the fact that he rules them, too.
He has claimed this car (and I don't blame him) and you can find him up there most early evenings. What can    I say? He knows he looks good on red.
That's Calaus!

This guy made me laugh.

He looked like he might be constipated.

I'm having a birthday this week...a very big, round number. So I feel like I'm in a giving mood.
I have a very pretty tea-cup that needs a new home.
I have no history on this cup as it was one of many in a box I bid on at an auction in the Spring. 
It is bone china, made in England & it is named Glengarry Thistle.  Good condition.

 Along with it, I will send something very special for your cat.  Leave a comment and I will add your name for the draw on  Monday, June 18th.
Outings are much earlier these days. It's hot, humid and sunny. Off with Sue from Just Sayin' for our 5k walk.

Good luck!
I'm linking up with Sandi at for Tea Time Tuesday & Marty at for Tabletop Tuesday. Grab a cup of tea and pop over and visit all the beautiful blogs.

hugs, Deb


  1. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You!!!!! I love the aqua color of the teacup and would give it a very special home! :D :D Cassie and Teddy send their birthday greetings to you, too.

  2. You have the most interesting kitties living in your neighbourhood Deb. A birthday with a round number - always a reason to celebrate. I can picture that pretty cup sitting on my cupboard already. Or perhaps sipping a spot of tea out of it while I'm sitting on my patio. ;)

    Wishing you a super week!
    xo Catherine

  3. Oh happy happy birthday!
    The thistle reminds me of living in Scotland, the name Glengarry was the name of my parent's house in S. Africa!
    Jane x

  4. Oh Happy Birthday to you, Deb! Somehow to me it seems fitting that you have a June birthday! I hope it will be a delightful day for you. The tea cup is lovely and would go on my hutch where I rearrange china like you do (maybe not quite so frequently, ha). Currently it holds all transferware that I've been collecting--a feast for the eyes. And Nicholas says he needs a special treat too . . . Have a great day!


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  6. Deb we June girls always have a great Birthday! I hope yours is as special as mine was this year! I love this cup, pink & blue is a winner. Thanks for always having the best cat stories and photos. Sending you a big hug! Linda

  7. Happy birthday! Cats and dogs are such individuals. I've met cats who have been so loving and docile as a little dog and dogs that were as independent as a katt.Min mother's neighbor cat always go with my mom when she goes shopping. Scotland's national flower the thistle's round on each station. Sweet cup! I wish you a great week and a wonderful birthday! Zinnia

  8. Happy Birthday to you. I am having a big one this week too and am trying to figure out how I feel about it-grateful I suppose. The cat on the red car sounds like he has it under control.

  9. love the kittehs..and love that tea cup..:) have a wonderful birhtday this week.;)

  10. Calaus has attitude! I enjoy your blog, Deb, and I love the thistle tea cup. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday. May your day be extra special.

    I think you have such a fascinating job and I bet you have met and loved some wonderful felines. They all have their own unique personalities. Calaus looks like quite the character. We have 4 girls and they are all different in looks and personalities.

    The teacup and saucer pattern is lovely. I love the colors.

    Have a great birthday week.


  12. All my cats think Calaus is Da BOMB.

  13. Good afternoon Deb,
    That Calaus sounds like he can stand his ground. Cats are so funny! They each have their own personality. I no longer have kitties but I enjoy reading about your feline friends.
    Love your aqua thistle teacup; two of my favourite colours! Thank you for joining me for tea and I hope you are having a marvellous day. And all the kitties too!

    Blessings & hugs,

  14. Calaus sounds like a character :)
    I like 'constipated kitty'--poor baby
    and have a totally amazing b-day
    whoop it up
    (but don't make us sic Calaus on you for gittin out of hand!)

  15. How funny that dogs are afraid of him. We had a kitten bounce out of the trees and join us lighting bug hunting last night. He was in a playful mood, so cute!

  16. As long as Calaus isn't part of the giveaway! The cat across the street from us roams freely and thought it might try it's luck for a snack at the feeder on our deck once. I let our small dog out to chase it off and same thing; it stood its ground and scratched my dog down his nose. He was yelping and ran inside and to this day keeps his distance from that feline.
    Your giveaway teacup is pretty and it's nice of you to share your booty.

  17. I love your blog and I covet your tea cup.

  18. Happy birthday! I LOVE the teacup and my Tinker always loves goodies! I would be honored to be entered in your drawing. Calaus sounds like a real character.

  19. Hi Deb - I just found your blog and I love it! My cats are Lucy, a pretty little tortoiseshell and Finn who is orange and part Abysinnian. J

    1. We have a granddaughter named Finley and a grandson named Finn - how funny!!

  20. Happy Birthday! What a great job you have, I'd love to be a cat-sitter. Calaus did make me laugh, I've known a few cats like him, love the way he's sitting on that car :O)

  21. Happy Birthday. Gorgeous teacup. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  22. I love strong, independent types like Calaus. They just let everyone know they are the boss.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love the thistle cup - we are from Scot descendants. Have a great June! It is Summer here in Kansas.

  23. Happy Birthday to You and Many More! I love your cat in the post and your other kitty cats are cute,too! May you always have an adventure on your Birthday with a friend.

    The lovely cup and saucer remindes me of all the thisles growing wild here. The blue is the perfect background of thistles against the clear blue sky.
    Pam to a beautiful Birthday

  24. Big round number birthday? Ooo, I hate those. Nasty!

    How can you resist that regal boy? Calaus kows he's king kitty, that's for sure. Hope he's not out in the sun too much. One of my all white adoptees had both of his ears removed because of skin cancer. He had such a marvelous face, he could carry off the earless look. With his natural style, he looked quite elegant.
    As a previous poster said, thanks for giving us a chance to share in your treasure trove.

  25. Beautiful teacup! Happy Birthday, Deb!

  26. ~Happy Birthday to You~ I think Calaus is just fabulous and he certainly looks regal sitting on the red car.

    I think the teacup is just beautiful, I love the bright pink thistles! Thank You for a chance to win your sweet giveaway!

    Have a wonderful night!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  27. Happy Birthday!!!

    And I'd love to have my name put in for the teacup. :o)

  28. Lovely teacup!
    jednc @ hotmail .com