Thursday, June 28, 2012


While dishing out a snack for the mean cats this morning I heard a crash in the dining room.


"Oh no, Audrey." Like a bolt of lightening, her tail-end disappeared at the top of the stairs heading for cover. I am down one vase and mangled flowers have been added to the compost.
She's ok and thankfully did not get cut by the glass. She actually enjoyed every split second of it. She is walking a little lower to the ground right now and refuses to look me in the eye but she'll be back to her 'bad' normal self sooner than need be. Some poor moth will meet it's demise before the day is out and all will be good again in Audrey's world. Yes, she recovers quickly from hearing me bellow her name. Me...I'm beginning to think I should live in an unfurnished cardboard box like Annie.

"Move over, Sweetie."

My heart aches for these feral cats. I have seen 4 at this site but I know there are many more. In the Lanark area there are hundreds of feral cats. I have zoomed in here but this is an improvement over many months of feeding this particular one.
It is now coming to the food before I leave and although it watches every move I make, there seems to be some trust building. For 4 months it would hide in the grass, only visible by it's ears, and would not move until my car was out of the parking lot.
Now it comes up to the rocks and starts to eat before I am back in the car. I believe it is very young yet and although I may be kidding myself,  I'm going to try to befriend it.
Please don't lecture me on feeding and not neutering these cats. I took this over from someone who, because of an injury, was unable to get to the site. She has trapped many and found homes for the ones she could adopt out. Our shelter is full to bursting right now and feral cats will just be euthanized if trapped. We are hoping in the future there will be a TNR program put in place. But for now, I won't let them go hungry in this one spot where I feed them. 
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! You have the most wonderfully loving big heart for all of these little cats and how blessed the ferals are you feed them.
    Now you've got a little stinker there but a cutie none the less! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love the Oh Oh am I in truble look in Audrey´s face :)
    Of course we dont lecture you for feeding those poor hungry cat´s.

  3. oh I am finding I decorate our home around our 2 destructive youngest ones..they have really done a number on some I have to follow and patch up as best I can..little stinkers..they are getting better as they get older..thank you for feeding those homeless kittehs..I wish and pray that they will all know what true love is and that they will all find forever homes.;)

  4. I haven't had many broken vases over the years, but all too many 'accidents' of flower arrangements knocked over with resulting flooded table and floor, drowned flowers and non-repentant cats looking on.
    I had for 16 years a blue-point Siamese, Leah, who would nibble a bouquet and five minutes later make the 'wah, wah, wah, I am going to be sick, how could you do this to me?'
    Even a tiny nosegay of roses in a china creamer is not safe--Mimacat can delicately remove them and leave them on the table.
    Feral cats are a heartbreak. I fume because the Tom's spray the porch and the females want to present their litters in the barn--but I don't begrudge them what they eat.
    Adopting too many cats has several times gotten me in difficulties.

  5. Until there is a program in place what can you do except feed the poor wee things? It's humans who are to blame for these cats' circumstances, and it's humans who need to help get them out of it.
    Jane x

  6. Oh that Audrey! She reminds me of my cat Emily when young, what a little scoundrel she was! I still miss her! I am so glad your heart leads you to feed the ferals. Sending you hugs, Linda

  7. I think Audrey and Cassie must be related!!! I giggled .... but did not giggle about the feral cats. You do what you must do ... simple. Poor things. they did not ask for this life. we should care for them.

  8. Great picture of naughty Audrey! How can anyone be cross with such a pretty face?

  9. Good for you for caring! That Audrey, she's a little trouble maker. But such a cute one!

  10. Mom Paula "tried" to work from home yesterday and Truffle's name was used quite a bit! MOL

  11. Such a beautiful cheeky girl. Have a lovely weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. That's the reason I don't have vases of flowers anywhere. I would love them because they make a house a home but other that super glueing the vase down it would be hopeless. They walk along the mantle peice and one day they will knock my ornaments down but I will take that chance, the only option being not to ornaments. lol

    I feel your angst for the feral cats. Daddy the father of our kittens comes around every night and picks over the fox food, usually taking the best bits (I do put chicken in there and left over cat food) but as soon as the door makes a sound or he spots us looking at him throught the glass he's off.
    I must say he's looking good at the moment but in the past he's looked really rough with bald patches. I think someone may have put out medicine in food for him.
    Good luck with making friends with yours, you may do it, you have the cat friendly aura so here's hoping.


  13. Bless your heart for taking care of these beautiful creatures.
    We can only do what we can do...right? We did TNR in our own backyard and took 7 (that I remember) to the vets, all wild or feral, and 4 of them have stayed and decided to let us become their humans. We are privileged.
    Take care -