Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A busy morning.

What a fun day I had with all my kitty-clients. First the beloved mug of coffee,  and then I started my day with a senior black beauty who was so shy just a year ago and now sits on my lap for attention. Then two sister cats that wait in the window for me to arrive and then meet me at the door when I enter. They dance around the kitchen while I prepare their breakfast. Two male tabby boys, both off the street, once abandoned or lost and now living together with a cat-loving bachelor.
I am still working with the little scaredy cat and I really have not accomplished much. She was feral and she is older so both those factors come into play. She is doing ok though; eating, using her box and staying comfy in her bed.Tomorrow's another day.

Buddy, on the other hand, is a real mush-ball. I leave his home covered in white hair. Luckily, any smart cat-sitter has a good clothes brush in her bag. He loves to be brushed and he's a real fan of Victoria Magazine.

When I don't comb him, he combs himself. Really!

hugs, Deb


  1. Buddy is not only very handsome, he has good taste!


  2. I can´t see your images!!!
    I want to see Buddy!!!!

  3. Buddy is so handsome =)
    I'm partial to Victoria magazine myself.
    I tried your tissue paper in a box idea =) Winston and Oscar love it! Oscar just sits in there . I'm thinking it's his happy place. Winston likes to lie down in it to hear all the rustling! My Lucy kitty still seems suspicious, though. lol
    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Buddy is so cute!Beautiful photos!

  5. Buddy is pretty . Glad you had a good day with the kitties !

  6. Now that's a good kitty! I love combing Rosie and she loves being combed; I don't think she got very much while in the cattery and it's nice to spoil her now, XOXO

  7. A self-combing kitty? Now that is something!

  8. I volunteer at a no kill shelter and am convinced white cats shed about twice as much as any other cat! Buddy is a handsome boy--and obviously talented if he can brush himself :)

  9. I really love your blog. I'll start following. : )


  10. The fact that the black frightened kitty is eating is a triumph! One of my cats wouldn't eat for a sitter even though he was at home. And when I boarded my cats at my vets to go home for my dad's funeral and same fellow needed to be tube fed. Don't give up on her, Deb. She may want your love badly but not know how to accept it.

  11. Buddy obviously has the perfect name! He is gorgeous AND smart.

  12. I could just scoop Buddy up. :)

  13. Buddy, you are entirely too adorable!