Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No interest in sun-puddles today.

The sun is streaming through the windows but something looks odd in the dining-room.
Usually, there is a cat lying in the sun-puddle on the table. Just a fact around here. Where are all those little scalliwags?

                                                                      Lily looks cozy
Ed's  waiting by the register 'til someone throws a log on the fire.
Sierra's in the 'mouse bed'
Annie is no-where to be found. Probably on one of the beds upstairs.

Someone is waiting for the 'visitor' that may or may not return.
 I think Audrey thinks this is even better than bird-watching. She can hiss and spit and hiss some more, if need be,  just like the oldsters do.
Does she know how fortunate she is to be an indoor cat, all cozy and warm?
I walked over to a few of the neighbour houses to ask if anyone knew the cat by my description. No luck today. I'm waiting for some to return from work and I will ask them also if they might own this long-haired, hungry, matted cat. Oh, I'll be nice but I will describe him as I saw him.  If it is their cat,  they might be shamed into caring for it better. I know I can't change the world, though.

This sunny, cold weather calls for a treat & a hot pot of tea.

                                                Chamomile Apple tea and a date square.
just add honey. :)
I'm joining Sandi at for HOME
hugs, Deb


  1. Pretty cozy looking today in your cushy cat lair! I'll take that sunny spot on the table! Glad you liked my collage. The tea lady picture is Lady Grantham from Downton Abbey on the flyleaf of the book from the series. You can get a better look at it on another post at this link.

  2. Look at that beautiful sunshine streaming through the window! I would be certainly be lying in it!
    Good hunting for the owners of the poor beauty; sending some energy that way for success.

  3. All those sleeping cats make me feel like a nap myself!

  4. All your kitties look cozy ! Nice photos ! I hope some one owns up to that poor cat out there ! I would do the same thing give them what for ! Oh nothing like a cup of tea and a sweet treat YUMMY ! Sunshine today and yesterday it was beautiful and no winds was out with Miggs playing going for walks and taking photos ! Snow storm they say for tomorrow ! Stay cozy and have a good day !

  5. Kitties are looking snug and happy!

  6. I love the term sun puddles, I have never heard that before.I love how the ats are all in their special places, thats the way it was with ours as well.It makes me have good memories, I hope someone takes the poor stray in if it is indeed a stray if not it might just as well be, someone is not doing their job, better to find a nnew home, such a pretty cup of tea, you ahve the loveliets cups and saucers,

  7. Have you tried looking on Craigslist to see if anyone posted about their missing kitty? I posted my lost babe and look every day to see if anyone might have found her.
    I have to say I really dont have to read your captions to know who is who with the kitties anymore! Love seeing them every day...thank you!

  8. Lovely, cozy felines.
    Hope your tangled kitty finds a good home ♥

  9. Indeed they are lucky little kitties for being in your car..toasty and warm and loved! This is a beautiful picture of hot tea....and that yummy looking sweet treat...I just want to take a bite!

  10. Glad your kitties are all warm and cozy inside. We are having a real cold spell right now and a huge snow storm on the way. Brrr! Cannot wait for Spring! I would love a date square with my tea. Hope you find a loving home for the lost kitty.


  11. Everyone looks nicely settled in... particularly Lily!