Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New home needed

"Good Morning, everyone." 
You know I love to collect pretty tea-cups. 
Well, I also like to give them away.
It's time to de-clutter and that means make room for my newer china.
So, this little tea-cup and saucer need a new home. It has always made me think of an Easter basket so it is a good one to pick when Easter is just around the corner.
If you would like to rescue it, please leave a comment and the new 'owner' will be announced tomorrow. 
No name. Just a number.
But oh so pretty.
Good luck.

And here's a peek at the next adoptee.
Just kidding, Audrey. You can come out now.
By the way, we need to work on your hiding skills. 

Here she is..
I'll show you more of her tomorrow. 
hugs, Deb


  1. I love it !!...Sad that I living so far away(Holland) that it gonna make no change for a new home for them... .but is all mine tast greetings ,Joan

  2. I quite admire Audrey's ability to "camouflage" herself into the background =)
    Cute tea cup!!

  3. Audrey is hiding for sure! You have one of those cool cat lamps, I love it! I'm happy to admire your china from afar, don't need to get something like that coming into the house, it might get my wife wanting more! :)

  4. Oh Deb - Audrey always makes me laugh! I would love to "adopt" that teacup for my collection. It's beautiful so please add my name. J

  5. Love the sweet tea cup and saucer........Audrey can come home with me anytime. I know you would never give HH up.
    Luvs and hugs. Genevieve

  6. In case you are not minding shipping to US, I would very much love that cup and saucer. I love the flowers on the bottom of the cup! Audrey looks adorable under the lamp.

  7. Ooh! Add my name please! What a beauty! Why would you ever give it up? Goodness, gave us quite an unsettled feeling, you did. We know that you'd never give her up, ever!

  8. So pretty! I'd love to rescue the teacup and saucer :) Perfect for Easter like you said. I chuckled when I saw Audrey in this post. I know there's no way you'd ever give her up!

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  11. The cup and saucer remind me of the ones my grandma had in her china cabinet when I was little girl. Your cup and saucer is so pretty with little pink flowers. I would love to be it's new owner. Miss Deb, you are very kind and generous lady.

  12. I love the combination of the woven thrush edging and the dainty spring flowers. It would be perfect way for sipping away the last dreary days of Winter. Hoping for Spring to make an early arrival. So kind of you to offer an opportunity to give it a home with one of your readers.
    Audrey is so sure that she has become invisiblejusy because she cannot see you - silly nut.

  13. I don't think I even realized the teacup thing till coming to your blog this time and noticing your banner, so it was funny that today was your teacup post! These are simply lovely. All of them!

  14. I was scared when I saw the title of your post about a new home needed... I was afraid a fur-baby was homeless... Then when the picture came up of the beautiful teacup, I smiled. I agree, Audrey needs some tips on hiding. My siamese, Tiffany, can coach her as she is impossible to find when I need her...;) Mary A

  15. How do you get such beautiful cups and saucers? I rarely see them out for sale. Just lovely.

    1. I find them in antique shops in a town called Almonte.

  16. Antique shops are the place to go for these. I can think of a place here in Ottawa that might have them...

    Audrey's stealth skills need some sharpening.