Thursday, February 7, 2013

No lamps today

Audrey is just lovin' this wicker cat house since I placed it up high. It was on the floor for ages and no one bothered with it. Now, she has claimed it and I can find her there when I need her. You know, for comic relief.
I am on the hunt for new lamps for the main bedroom so I dropped in to a consignment, new and used furniture shop in our town this morning. Within minutes, I knew I would not be leaving with new lamps but I did find something very sweet that called my name. This little ceramic plaque, that can be hung on the wall, came home to live in my step-back cupboard.
It was lying in amongst a multitude of small house-hold items and it needed a home. I love the scene of the old couple spending some quiet time together with the old, faithful dog at their feet. Or wait a minute, is this a banker telling the old gal she's about to lose her home? The dog does look depressed.
See the little cupboard behind her where she keeps her jars and jugs? "Better watch out, Mr. Banker. She may start throwing them at you." Gosh, he does look smug, doesn't he?

No, by the little description at the bottom of the plaque, they are an old couple enjoying a quiet cup of tea at the end of their day.
I loved the colours and the texture and it will blend in nicely where I have placed it for now.

So, I'm still on the hunt for lamps. I wonder what I'll end up with next time? Probably not lamps.

Look at this gorgeous black beauty I am caring for today. His name is Jetta and he was once a 'throw-away' that was brought in by some kind people years ago. The ear damage is from frost-bite. He's a happy cat now. And I'm happy to know him.

I have seen no sign of the stray cat since Tuesday. He most likely lives somewhere but lacks the care that you or I would give. We watch for him but there has not even been a mark in the snow.
Such is the life of the out-door, neglected feline.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your little plaque made me smile! I like to think they are enjoying a sweet cup of tea together! I hope the outdoor cat stays warm and has a home. It's very hard out there as we well know!

  2. Audrey looks so cute in her little wicker basket hide-a-way =)
    Love your plaque-very cozy.
    Hoping outdoor kitty is loved, well-fed and comfy.

  3. Audrey is adorable...and so photogenic! Your new clients is a beauty too, but then, I'm a sucker for those green eyes! XOXO

  4. Jetty, I'm so happy for you. You are in good home and good hand now !
    I got a friend who got the ear like you, he has good home and happy as you too.
    Just a little symbol of little bite to make the ear look pretty unique, I think
    Have a lovely day

  5. Audrey is so cute, she just loves the camera!! Jetta is gorgeous and I'm glad he has a caring home now. Hope you find your lamps soon...

  6. I love the cute hidaway picture and I love the little plaque to. I think it was saat there just waiting for someone to take it home and enjoy. I hope the little stray comes back for food soon. Jetta is gorgeous and his ear gives him a cute look.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Love your new treasure. I do it a lot -- go looking for something in particular and come home with something else -- but it's a treasure I tell myself! :D :D Jetta is gorgeous and Audacious Audrey looks quite please with herself. Happy shopping/looking!

  8. Your new picture brings a nice old-fashioned mood to your cupboard. I love cozy home scenes like that. Especially this time of year. Audrey looks to have found a cozy spot too! That's a great shot!

  9. Hi Deb,
    What a lovely addition to your beautiful cupboard! The Blue & White dishes in your header are gorgeous...the cats all look so happy in your home. Stay warm today! The snow is coming down hard...
    All the Best,

  10. Ooh, the beautiful black longhair looks just like my bridge kitty, Muffin, right down to the delightful look on his exquisitely captivating face! If you will, could you please give him a big kiss and hug from me please. Tell him we love him not because he looks like another kitty but because we know how special he must be!
    I think the Picture is of a solid, financially comfortable old age. The fire is on and the couple are enjoying tea together, not spouseless. The gentleman has his boot off and house slippers on so the house must be warn. The woman's feet are elevated on a cushioned stool, befitting a woman of some position. Behind the woman, the cupboard is open and shown to be full- a sign of abundance. Abundance is shown also in the tobacco which the gent enjoys in a leisurely fashion. There is ample money to keep and feed a companion animal rather than a working dog. A contented good life. Sign me up.

  11. Quite a nice plaque. And Jetta looks like a grand fellow.

    I'm sure Audrey loves being the comic relief!