Sunday, February 3, 2013

Plotting Sierra?

I walked Kane today with a sore back. Normally, we clip along but not today. Just as we were turning a corner,  Kane slipped on some ice and down he went. So, coming home, we went even slower as he was limping while I hobbled along with my aching back. What a sorry sight we were.

Audrey watched us 'chillin' later from her wicker cat house.
                                                               "What do you want now?"

She absolutely hates having her picture taken. I'm not sure what she thinks this camera is but it infuriates her. Did I mention how much I love this cat?

One of my readers mentioned that Sierra looked like she was plotting in my earlier post. Well, you would think she was, but take it from me, this cat loves ANY attention that comes her way. I used her head to get the right-size fit for a doll-size chef hat once and she loved every second of it. She fancied the end result and wore it all morning. She loves her accessories, what can I say.

She's plotting alright....plotting a cook book.

By the way, Kane is fine tonight. Tomorrow I'll answer a followers' question on how and why I became a full-time cat-sitter.

hugs, Deb.


  1. When I was a kid I had a big, old, fighting tom cat that would wear the doll clothes I put on him all day. I can't even get a collar on my two, now! Maeve is the same way with a camera. It comes out and she disappears!

  2. We're glad to hear Kane is okay. Both of you need to be careful.

  3. Slipping on ice is no fun and the last time I went down, I fractured a rib. I'm glad to hear that Kane has recovered--stay warm and safe, XOXO

  4. So sorry you & Kane fell. Do they make dog boots with cleats or perhaps he could wear panty hose? I hope he was hobbeling on the return trip because he feared falling again, rather than significant injury.I am sure his pride was injured. Getting old & arthritic is not for sissies.
    Sierra always looks very wise and content with her life to me. If cats do "Plot" it is only because they are smart enough to do the calculating needed to plot. Mostly I think they are geared to live in the moment and get pleasure from the simplist of things. I always remember my Mom saying "A cat can look at a King". I took this saying to mean a cat can do anything it darn well pleases and no one can comand it otherwise. As I sit here beside my 20 yr. old tabby, Toby, I am very clear about who is in charge here.

  5. Oh Deb, I purrs and paws crossed for you.
    I hope nothing serious .

  6. I was thinking that Sierra looked like a patient old dear! She must be, to be auntie to Audrey, right?

    I hope your back gets better soon. Take care of yourself, a lot of furry folk are depending on you!

    Marty in PA

  7. How's your back?? Don't know how I missed the previous post. Sierra is lovely in her green scarf and I love the daisies and the teacups.

  8. Poor Kane...spring will soon be here baby boy.
    Jane xx

  9. I'm glad Kane is all right. He has to watch his step at his age, the poor fellow.

  10. Yikes! Sorry you and Kane had a rough walk! I'm glad to hear he is ok. I hope your back is feeling better too. Such cute kitty photos. Too bad Audrey doesn't like to have her photo taken because she is such a cutie! I'd be snapping shots of her all the time.

  11. I had to change the sound setting on my camera because as soon as the kittens hear the whirring of the camera turning on, they rush off to hide. So much for sneaky photo ops, lol!
    I have to say that Sierra is the most adorable cat in that delightful hat. How can you bear the preciousness?
    Hope your back feels better, and hugs to Kane. Ice is a scary thing.

  12. I adore that last photo of Sierra wearing the chefs hat. So so cute. Hope you and Kane are recovering well!!

  13. This time of the year everything outside you have to watch, just the other day I slipped and fell on some ice. My son was walking behind me and he fell too. This was in our drive-way so I spent the next 30 minutes salting....winter!! Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.

  14. She's definitely a plotter! I hope all's going well for you and Kane.

    And Audrey must be wondering if she gets residuals on any picture posted of her.

  15. Glad to her that he is ok. Take care.
    Chief Editor
    Universal Cats

  16. Sierra looks great in the chef hat!
    Hope you and Kane are less hobbly very soon. :( So slippery out there right now!