Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Emma & window seats

This is darling little diabetic Emma.
She enjoys the sunshine on her soft chair in front of the window. I have been caring for her for a long time and am so happy to see that she is doing well. She has had to have her insulin amounts increased lately but that's ok. She's well looked after and has a wonderful life. I administer insulin twice a day while her owners travel. She just gives me a look, then munches on her treats while I do a quick and easy poke. No muss, no fuss.

Have you thought of adding some kitty accessories to your home?
How about a beautiful window seat.
I have added two of these to our home. I like them because they are actually screwed in to the window-sill. One in the front room and one in the master bed-room.
The cats love them although Audrey would rather be under my top-sheet on the bed. If she hears birds though, she's on it in a flash. 
Audrey and Annie

Here's another style..
Cute but you have to be very careful about the weight.

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog that shows you how to make your own cat window-seat. Take a look and see if it is something that would interest you and enhance the life of your feline companion.

One of my comments (Valeria) asked for the recipe for the carrot cake. It was a store-bought cake, as I have had little time to bake with so many travellers right now, but it was delicious. It was the M&M Carrot Cake and I recommend it.

Tomorrow I have something special for YOU.
I'm de-cluttering again and you know what that means.

hugs, Deb


  1. Very convenient sitting for the kitties!

    Emma looks like a sweetie.

  2. beautiful little Emma, I smiled when I read this post, when we were doing renovations on our home the one stipulation to the carpenters were window ledges big enough for my cats , he said how big? I said big enough for my cats bottoms, thats how big!

  3. We like your window seat. We need to get our mom to get us one of those.

  4. You sound like the perfect cat sitter! Like the window seats too.
    It was so nice to have a visit from you. Long see....

  5. I have two of the first two......and my cats are way too heavy for that cute hammock one.

  6. I have a window seat like the second one for my kittens, they love love love it, though when we started out they could fit comfortably together. Now, at 9 months old, it is a close fit, tee hee!
    Little Emma looks very very sweet.

  7. Thank you so much Deb for your answer about the cake. I don´t think I could get it here in Argentina but I,ll try to make one by myself...I baked the Apple cake you posted once and it´s delicious!
    I´m happy to meet little Emma...she has the most loving cat sitter in the world!
    Cats window-seats are such useful ideas! with nine cats our chairs beds and armchairs are never free...
    Annie and Audrey are there any birds out there?

  8. I would love our cats to have one like the second one. It can be purchased as a heated bed or not! I was checking on it just last week! (You can see the electric cord coming down below this one! Happy Cat!)
    Lily, WA, USA

  9. That Emma is a sweetie! I love window seats for the cats but we tend to have tables under the windows with cat beds for them. They do love the sun!!
    hugs, Linda

  10. Just look at how much Audrey and Annie love their window whiffing!

    Emma looks so very gentle and lovable!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

  11. We have large window sills so our Harley just sits on them and watches the birdies but they are a great idea . She also has her scratch post and bed combo in front of a window . Lovely photos of so many pretty kitties ! Have a good evening !

  12. When I moved to this place, big old windows with no sills. I found a Martha Stewart idea of adding sills, kind of a drop leaf idea. Kitties were happy when I built them. They love outside air. I hang bird feeders outside just for the cats!

    1. It all sounds very cat-friendly.I bet they love it.

  13. WE have two of that first window seat out on our enclosed front porch. The cats love them!

  14. This old house has deep windowsills and the cats use them all the time. The favourite sunning spot is the south facing patio doors. How come so many cats are diabetic now? Is it the food?

    1. It is the food and rapid weight gain. My vet blames it on the dry food given to cats to graze on all day. Most dry foods are sprayed with fat and the ingredients are mostly carbs. Since I have put our cats on soft food morning and evening and only dry food given mid-day as a treat their weight has stayed consistent

  15. Deb, I think you know how big I am. 17.69lbs ! I need the solid supported !
    and I got the whole dinning table right in front the window, Just for me ( I think ; )..tee..heh

  16. Haha! I'm trying to picture Banjo on a suction cup window seat! LOL! Nope, I think he would be a bit too heavy. ;)
    Emma is a cutie!
    xo Catherine

  17. Hi Deb,
    What a fantastic idea! They look like the cats can enjoy many comfortable hours of bird watching & lounging! Perfect!
    All the Best,

  18. My sunroom has a large windowsill. it was probably designed to put pots of flowers on but my cats have taken it over so I don't risk a plant. They love it.

  19. I want to pick Emma up and kiss her lovely face and stroke her beautiful fur. She radiates sweetness!
    We know you are very knowledgeable about cat nutrition. Do you think you could help her?

  20. If you love your pet cat that much then you probably are looking ways for it to feel at home at your very own house. You might as well would like to search for the right gift that you can give your cat in exchange for those years that it has been keeping you company. A cat window perch may be one of the greatest gifts you can give your pet feline.