Friday, February 8, 2013


This photo that I keep on my sidebar was taken the last day I spent an afternoon with my friend, Christine.
The wonderful hospice that cared for her for the last three months of her life was only streets away from a home I grew up in. I went for a walk up the familiar road. I remember being consumed with grief knowing her fight was coming to an end. I met this precious little cat on that afternoon and she made me feel very welcomed. She was a pastel calico; grey, peach and white.

 It was 3 years ago today, Feb. 8 that my friend, Christine passed away at the age of 52 from ovarian cancer. She is missed every day by her friends and her family and her 4 cats, Oliver, Jimmy, Pauly & Zoe.
2 year old Pauly with the little heart nose.
Dinner at the Lanark Animal Shelter Fur-ball 2007
We met through volunteering and spent much of our time volunteering for our local animal shelter. We had both been board members at some point and were very committed to this cause. We soon became good friends for 15 years. 

There are times now that I think of her and all I can do is smile. She had the best smile.
Today, though,  I shed tears for her.

I have a note written by her during her struggle and today I read it again. 
"I hope you know I appreciate you - I do. I have loved being your friend.
I want you to enjoy peace, sweetness and light, always."
She was a wonderful friend and I was blessed to have known her.
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I am sad for your loss but full of Joy that you were able to have this friendship in your life! Hugs to you today.

  2. I love that last photo of you both! Thank you for sharing your friend with us.
    Jane xx

  3. I'm sorry that such a good person should leave her friends so much before her time. It's perfect that a cat should comfort you on your walk that day. Many, many years from now, when you take the journey to the other side, I envision hosts of cats with angel wings welcoming you with a choir of purrs.

  4. Love the last photo of you two as well ! Sorry for your loss she will always be in your heart and memories and now ours to . Thank you for sharing your friend with us .

  5. And the anniversary will always remind you. I'm sorry for your loss. That disease touches us all, in one way or another.

  6. Thinking of you today and sending you love and hugs. I know how much her friendship meant and still means to you. The end of a young life should make us realize how fleeting life is and that we should always always take time to let the people we love know we love them.
    Love being your friend, Deb!

  7. The love of a good friend lives on forever. A wonderful blessing is friendship. Hugs to you Deb, as you honor your dear friend today.

  8. Deb, it's so hard to lose such a great lady and good friend. Her note to you is so emotional, but you have to know that she meant every word of it. I just went through the same with my best friend of 40 years. She has been gone now for 5 months and it is sad and heart warming at the same time to remember the time that we shared..Take care, Judy

  9. Wishing you well, Deb. She was precious to you as you were to her. How lovely that you have the note she left for you. You will always have the sweet memories. Lots of hugs to you.

  10. And I know you were the sweetest friend she could have had.

  11. Friends, so good to have good friends. So sad she left so early. Thanks for sharing her with us. I love that picture on your sidebar of you loving on the fluffy kitty in the snow, now I know the story, she was sent to you for comfort of your aching heart.

  12. I am sure that she is smiling thinking of you and your friendship too. It is tough to miss a friend.

    Julie and Poppy Q