Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty up your winter

The ladies say "hello" from their beds. This is basically how they are getting through the winter. Take note.
Let's see who's in the cat-house.
"Oh my, you look impressed."
I know some of you are enjoying your gardens now. We, in Ontario, are far from planting and caring for flowers as we have almost 2 months left of winter. So, we are really deprived and must get our cut-flowers either in flower shops or grocery stores. My daisies lasted 2 weeks. Imagine that in a house of five cats. But for today, I thought I'd just flower up the house with pretty, flowery tea-cups.

That will have to do for now.

I am getting to know some new kitties and they are all wonderful little creatures. They love their cat-sitter.
Here are two of them.
                                                & Billy
You could play connect the dots on his nose.

Remember - If you can't be with the cat you the cat you're with.

More tomorrow.

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hugs, Deb


  1. The china cupboard is so spring-like; full of beautiful flowers. Love the new kitties, XOXO

  2. Lovely photos ! I do like your china cups and saucers very pretty ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. All your pretty flowered tea cups make me smile...well that and the kitties keeping warm! Have a great week Deb!

  4. your new tea cup and saucer looks lovely in amongst the other lovlies, oh my gosh that Jetta is a blue black beauty!

  5. Beautiful china and cats!! Love the photo of the stove-lovin' kitties.

  6. Billy is a DOLL!! I'd be kissin' those dots.

  7. Your lovely new tea cup looks perfect front and center in your arrangement!
    I love beautiful Jetta and Sweet Billy.
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. My cats definitely hunker down for the winter! They like to lay on cozy blankets and our laps whenever they can :) Love your tea cups!

    Thanks for the great wellness tips you left on my blog, too!

  9. Deb! Your cupboard is breathtaking! It's the most beautiful thing ever! You've completely outdone yourself!
    Jetta is so black he looks blue! Gorgeous! And sweet Billy, he has a face made for kissing! And here comes a big kiss now....smooch! And one coming your way too, Jetta.

  10. Your pretty flowery teacups and saucers are surely a prelude to the beautiful sunny days of spring!


  11. Any flowered tea cup is pretty but you chintz one is gorgeous! Utah still hasn't come out of that bubble wrap filled box in over a week, except for the litter box and food.

  12. I like your new friends! And I love pretty flowered china this time of year. You have a beautiful collection you china lover you! I've sold a lot, but somehow haven't ended up with much. Makes a pretty springy display!

  13. When Sping won't come to you (for a while), make your own early Spring with tea cup garden What a beautiful garden you have made and the best part is no weeds to pull. The way you style your cupboard is constantly improving. You do as good a job as any professional magazine stylist.
    I am happy to see Sierra is enjoying the basket. I hope Kane has recovered from his fall on the ice last week. He is such a handsome boy. When I was little, the people across the street owned a collie named Skipper. My mom always told me that she could let me out in the yard and Skipper would not allow me to get within 10 feet of the road and was constantly guarding me from harm. So I have a sweet spot for Kane even though I am a cat person.

  14. Your teacups are so pretty! I always enjoy all the kitty pictures--and the love the one your with comment...made me giggle.

  15. Flowers which you don't need to plant !
    Mom love that ; )

  16. Lovely cat pictures, they make me smile.


  17. What a lovely sight - all snuggled up! Very pretty vintage china too. Minerva ~

  18. Beautiful the china as well.

  19. I don't think I've seen Billy til now. A striking fellow!