Wednesday, February 6, 2013


He came back today looking hungry. Of course, I can't get near him but he stopped running when he saw I had food. I left it on the deck and he devoured it. He is beautiful but dirty and matted. It is cold here today but the sun is shining and working hard to warm things up.

I thought that if he had been mine I would be crazy trying to find him. I went to the local pet stores and vet clinic to inquire if anyone had called about him.  I'll wait and see if someone who once loved him is still praying he comes home. He has gone again until next time.

I have new cats to meet today. An introduction form needs to be filled out on each of them and keys picked up. I'll be filling up the cat bag again. Time for some new toys, fresh nip and a clean cat-hair brush.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sad isn't it ? Hope the kitty finds his way home or to a new forever home! Have a good day !

  2. Heartbreaking. Brings tears of sadness and anger. How could anyone be so heartless! What is wrong with people? Oh Deb, we will pray hard that you can catch him and get him to a shelter. Matted fur does not function well as an insulater. Can you make a shelter box for him ina warmer, sheltered part of your porch? God bless you.

  3. I hope your furry visitor finds a home. It appears where ever he came from is NOT his forever home. Good luck to you and kitty. I love Josh Groban. That voice!! He was on GMA this morning.

  4. It's always so heartbreaking when a kitty is lost and no one seems to be looking for them. :(
    Beautiful song!
    xo Catherine

  5. It's so sad when a cat is out in the cold. I have one new cat who will live here until she get a new home.


  6. Oh no, so sad! But at least he found you. I always think cats leave a mark or something to tell others where a kind heart lives. Fingers crossed he finds his people, or if not, a new good home. Minerva ~

  7. It must be so hard seeing this sweet kitty and no one looking for it. You are an angel to care and feed it. Have a lovely day, XOXO

  8. poor kitty, I'm glad you got some food in him. I'm figuring out what to do about the black cat in our granary. Right now I'm feeding him and made him a shelter. But he's so skittish, I think I'll need to trap him to catch him. I'll give him (her?) a little longer to get used to me.

    Love to all the homeless cats... they deserve so much better. :(

  9. It'll take time for the stray cat to get to trust you. Hopefully he's okay...