Friday, February 8, 2013

It's not Spring yet

Jetta sat at the door as I was unlocking it. I could see his gorgeous face watching the door-knob turn.
I 'm sure he had been thinking, "Where is that lady with the thumbs?. She should be here by now." He followed me into the kitchen and serenaded me with his huge purr. He was rewarded with a big bowl of stinky goodness and a kiss on the head.
 I reminded him how lucky he is to be in-doors on this stormy day. If there is one thing I know for sure about Jetta it is that he loves to be spoken to.
Well, if you could see the snow that fell over-night you and Jetta would understand that it took a wee bit longer to get out the driveway today.
The trees are covered again and the walks look clean and white. It's pretty but annoying to drive in.
Our Kane still likes the snow if it is not too cold outside. I watched him bury his nose in the snow and then throw it up above his head. He doesn't spend too long playing by himself as he would rather be with us so before long his pleading face was at the sliding door again. "Let me in...I've missed you."
                                          Ha! Look at that mug. He almost blew off the deck.

I'm dusting again on this cold, windy, snowy, blowy day.
The cupboard does have doors that are always closed but I just like playing with dishes.

My company today is Little 'ol Lily. She is doing ok, since we were told she had a heart condition, and making them eat their words at the vet clinic. They did not expect Lily to live much longer. She is thin but she loves her food, loves her teenie bit of milk at breakfast, loves to sit and purr on my lap at night and she really loves her mate, Mr. Ed. I guess between all of that she has a will to live and carries on. She is 18 now.
I'm really enjoying my white dishes lately. I love that you can mix other colours with them and change the whole look. The little white plate with the grey cat was a gift from a friend. The cat always reminds me of one of our own that passed away years ago. Her name was Sassy and sassy she was.

Thank you for all your nice comments on my last post.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love Kane's face! It's fun that he loves the snow but loves you more!! I am enjoying staying inside and warm these days...not that we have snow like you do, but it's good to stay home and play with dishes sometimes. hugs, Linda

    PS So glad Lily is hanging in there~

  2. Kane is so sweet, look at that face!
    I love talking cats; they make life very interesting and Jetta looks like he could talk up a storm!
    Bless Lily's little heart, she is keeping on. I love the picture on your sidebar of your three oldsters. Have you had all three since kittenhood, or adopted later?

    1. All three were adopted years apart. Sierra is only 12, Lily is 18 and Ed will be 25 in May.

  3. White dishes sure do make it easy to spice things up with colour and leave it mellow and serene. Driving in my neck of the woods was certainly wicked today!

  4. Jetta is so gorgeous, a friend had a cat that talked too, they are just fab, Kane looks handsome too, and it's lovely to see Lily.

  5. I enjoy you enjoying playing with your white dishes. Wonderful to see Kane and the lovely Lily. Jetta must be a real treat to visit!

  6. Lily looks so pretty walking amongst the dishes =)
    Hope everyone is safe and warm after all that snow.

  7. How did we know Jetta would greet you lovingly and love when you talked to him!!!! Our Muffin all over again. Look at his beautiful luminous eyes, so full of delight and appreciation for every little kindness.
    Poor Kane. His sad eyes say warm towel, warm fire and a warm treats.
    Lilly must love to be colour coordinated.

  8. Beautiful Jetta knows when he is with someone who loves him.. LOve the sweet woofie'sw face in the snow.. Hugs GJ x

  9. 18 is a good age for a cat. I hope she carries on awhile. Kane looks adorable in the snow.

    And Jetta looks like a sweetie!