Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Favorite Thing

"Hey Deb"

                                  "Does my fur make my butt look big?"

I'm not answering that.

                                 My Favorite Thing

One of my favorite things that have been passed down to me is this little spice rack that once belonged to my father's mother.
Isn't it sweet?
Beautifully hand-painted and glazed.
Not one marking on them. I don't even know where they were made.

The little corks are so fragile that I am afraid to remove them. The ceramic looks very worn on the bottoms. I think my grandmother used these daily, as they are stained here and there, and I'm sure she loved this little set. Now, as soon as I'm done posting,  I will put these cuties in the right order. I only noticed after photographing that they were not placed right. If I recall, a little 2 1/2 year old was playing with them not long ago. :)

I'm off to bear country to cat-sit. Hope they are tucked away, hibernating, deep in the bush.

I'm joining Claudia at for A Favorite Thing  & for Sweet Saturday.

hugs, Deb


  1. I think the striped patterns of sunshine adds a few pounds, Audrey!
    Beautiful spice rack. How great to have something from your elders. I have some old things with no markings, and it does drive me nuts sometimes wondering where and when they were made.
    Yikes, bear country? Be careful.

  2. Hey Deb -
    Nice to meet you way up yonder!! I love your spice rack and how wonderfully special it is to have been your Grandmother's!! Do you remember them as a child in her home? I also like the pansie you have planted in your tea cut!! Neat decorating idea!!

  3. Hi Deb! That is the most adorable little spice rack. I don't ever remember seeing one like it. What a treasure.

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Deb those are so cute! I love the memories attached to family things! Hugs, Linda

  5. The first picture is so funny! What a beautiful spice rack and it looks unusual. Have a nice weekend.


  6. Ladies are always worried about their butts--you're a Renaissance girl Audrey...go with it! Love the little spice rack.

  7. I noticed that spice jars were not in order. sigh. very ocd.
    They are super cute, though.
    Audrey-just flaunt all your feminine curves!

  8. Oh they are so cute I love them , never seen spice holders like that before ! I f I was to see them in a shop I would have to have them ! Thanks for sharing ! It is sunny here but cold ! Have a great day !

  9. My grandma had a similar spice set. Wonder where it went. I agree that it's probably the horizontal stripes that make Audrey's butt look big. lol

  10. There's an order to spice racks?

    That does look good. As to Audrey, she seems to be in a "leave me to the peace and quiet of my wicker basket shelter if you know what's good for you" mood...

  11. Audrey, you are slim as a reed...really!

    Love the spice rack.

  12. I love your sweet little spice set! Found you on A Favorite Thing. :) I would love to have you share this tomorrow on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh, WOW! Love the spice rack. What a treasure! Hugs to AA! :D :D

  14. I think stuff that had been loved has love imbued in it. You can obviously feel it.
    Voted the most beautiful woman in the world, Beyonce, has "back", as does former title holder Jennifer Lopez, We say work it, Audrey, work it!

  15. Don't believe a word of it Audrey, you have a very Rubinesque figure which suits you perfectly. Surely, Mom noted that the strips of sunlight going across you horozontally would make Twiggy look wide as a barn. Now we know what you would look like in a prison uniform - it does nothing for ya Audrey. Solid steely grey is always slimming & never goes out of style.
    The spice set is precious. I just noticed that each spice is a volumn to a set of books. If you are afraid to remove the fragile cork for sentimental reasons then it doesn't make them very functional. If you would actually like to use them & keep the spices fresh, then you could buy/collect larger corks and whittle them down to the right size for use. Many of these kitchen wares were made in Germany or Japan. I believe that markings were not required until after WWII.

  16. Your cat looking so nice. Also a rear ceramics collection. Thank you.