Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have some 'beefs'

Other than a bit of cat-sitting, Sunday was a rather quiet day around home.
Audrey loves to hide on me but she really is rather bad at it.
She enjoys the work it takes to burrow her way under the top sheet of the bed.
It always looks rumpled immediately after it's made. It's just something I live with.

"Audrey, you have 5 cat-beds downstairs and yet you feel you have to rumple up mine.
Do you think that's a nice thing to do?"

"Is she serious?"

I've given up. 

Daughter #1 and Mike dropped in for a visit and we enjoyed a meal of vegetarian lasagna, garlic bread and then a big slice of carrot cake with tea.
The retired-guy apologized that there was no meat in the meal. 
Then he put a roast on for later.
This is where I say, "Is he serious?"
We are not on the same page when it comes to our diets but live with each other's differences.
That's life.

It is very cold here tonight; hovering around -15. My heart goes out to any wild animal trying to stay warm and find food in this climate. I put plenty of dry kibble down for the ferals tonight but it doesn't seem like much help. Thankfully, tomorrow it will warm up again. 

And may I just say, Downton Abbey...Shame on you. *sniff*  
hugs, Deb


  1. We can't believe you dare question Audrey!

  2. Audrey must keep you on your toes for sure!! I agree about Downton Abbey! Did they have to do that? really????

    hugs, Linda

  3. What a cheeky little face, and with that chilly weather I can't blame her for snuggling into the fleecy sheets.

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  5. Hi Deb. I've just had a lovely catch up on your blog. I love all the pictures of the cats. Just looking at them makes my blood pressure drop. Thank you. Sue

  6. Audrey never fails to make me smile and yes, I also have inside the bed cats, sometimes all night. lol

  7. I will said the same thing as you, Audrey !
    Don't she know everything in da house, Kitty owns All !!!! and It's SERIOUS !

  8. I like crawling under the chair throw on cold days. Sometimes my brother will burrow under the bed covers though.

  9. Re Downton Abbey --- apparently *he* didn't want to return for the next season. I think Audrey rules!!!!!! :D :D :D


  10. I can outdo you mother, DH and I ALL have different dietary preferences. It's insane.
    My husband would eat meat THREE times a day...and sometimes he does.

  11. We've been putting extra bird/squirrel food out because the rabbits have been eating it too....poor things,the snow is so deep.
    Jane x

  12. We have had bed-burrowing cats for some years--in fact they've done it so vigorously that I've had to mend little claw tears in sheets--as you say, one of the things we live with. We also have on-going arguments of the "that is my chair, why can't you sit on the rug?" variety. Somehow the cats always have the upper paw.

  13. This is my first time on your blog. Looking forward to reading more!

  14. Audrey may be bad at hiding, but she is very good at looking innocent.
    I have tried to instigate Meatless Mondays here, not too successfully.

  15. I think veggie lasagne sounds wonderful. My hubby didn't want to watch the basketball all-star game and asked if we could watch a movie answer, "are you kidding!" It's Downton Abbey's finale and I have to see how Matthew is going to leave...sniff, sniff too! Stay warm, dear friend,XOXO

  16. I accidently read that the actor who plays Matthew would not be back for season 4. When I saw him in that car, I just knew. It was strange because it was a 2 hour time slot, but there was still 30 minutes left. Couldn't figure it out, but our PBS station used it for a pledge opportunity. Wonder what will happen next at Downton? Eager to find out about Edith and her editor!

  17. Some days our bed doesn't get made at all because there are a few cats burrowed in the blankets and I don't want to disturb them.I'd rather the bed were made but um.cats rule here!! :)
    I was annoyed that Mathew was "killed off" too. Oh. And I also didn't like Shirley Mclaine being featured AT ALL!!Not the same caliber of acting...
    But I will keep watching (of course! )

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  18. Have to give the retired guy credit tho', if he wants meat he makes it himself.

    Damn lorries.

  19. Burrowing under the covers is fun for a cat!

    My parents' cats have enjoyed getting under the covers while the bed is being made.