Sunday, February 10, 2013


Audrey helped me unwrap my treasure today when I returned from Almonte.
She just wanted it 'gone' so she could tear around in the paper and shred it to bits.

And that she did.

Earlier, and after cat-sitting this morning,  the retired-guy and I headed up to Almonte to have lunch at the Robin's Nest Tea-room and then take a walk through the antique shops. Lunch was a tasty sandwich and the best home-made leek and parsley soup. It was delicious. They also have the best desserts (mile-high butterscotch pie...oh my!) but we passed and drank a pot of tea instead. I left the little town without even stopping at the bakery. That's a first. I must be on a health kick.

So, I think I can truthfully say, that I do believe, without a doubt, that I just may have found the prettiest tea-cup and saucer ever.
What do we need more than flowers right now?
 When I spotted it I held it up and said to the retired-guy, "This is what I've been looking for forever. Her name is Rosalie."
 He just looked at me with the same look I get when he can't find his car keys and said, "I don't understand you." Then he went off to look at radios. That's how we shop. When I went to pay, the shop owner looked at the cup and said, "Oh yes, this is the one I wanted." I thought, "ok ...I'm ready to arm-wrestle you if it comes down to that." She winked, wrapped it up and, with a smile, handed it over. Boy, she's lucky.

I'm joining Sandi at for Tea-cup Tuesday
hugs, Deb


  1. Rosalie is beautiful and a perfect addition to your teacups! My guy and I shop like that funny!! Hugs, Linda

  2. Audrey,I see you pretty girl!!
    Jane x

  3. I have a very old friend who lives in Almonte who will be opening a business there soon. It will be an shop with Canadian potters, artists and jewellers-a place you may enjoy browsing through :)I'll keep you posted!

    Audrey, you are a menace!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. What a great find Deb!! I would not have been able to resist it either. You cat must have had fun tearing the paper :-)

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  5. Rosalie is gorgeous! I love the flowers and the raised design. You found a real treasure! And, Audrey loved the paper. Yippee!

  6. Such a nice teacup!

    And I want some butterscotch pie....

    Audrey, of course, couldn't possibly resist anything so tempting.

  7. I agree...that is the prettiest tea cup I've ever seen! I think the handle is my favorite part:-D Now, I'd like a cup of tea with my Brownie Cookie I just made, XOXO

  8. Love the photos of Audrey with the paper, I am sure she had a mad blast!!
    The blue of the flower on Rosalie is so intense, absolutely gorgeous. What a super addition to your collection!!
    No dessert?? bummer.

  9. Audrey, You are a lucky kitty !
    She allowed you to shred !!!!!
    I couldn't believe I heard this ; )
    Have Fun !

  10. It's beautiful......but small, you have to fill it TWICE.

  11. Rosalie is gorgeous! The wonderful use of colour and that delightful handle...too lovely. If she gets restless, she is always welcome at my house. LOL.
    Audrey, you little cutie pie, that goes for you too!

  12. the photo of the pretty eye peeking out of the paper melted my heart.That is a lovely cup, so lovely, every time I see a new tea cup I think of you!

  13. Your cup and saucer are just gorgeous!

  14. That is the sweetest tea cup. Every angle of it has had special details and touches added. For me, the embossing adds such dimension & texture to an aready beautiful piece of china. I am so happy that you found this treasure to add to your collection. Even when you are alone and having tea you are not really alone - you are having tea with Roselie.

  15. Wonderful combination with ceramics and cat. So interesting cat. May it enjoy everyting. Thanks.

  16. I LOVE Audrey. And your teacup is gorgeous!