Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy days

I am getting very busy again. I have new cats to meet this week (love that)  and lots of my regulars to pamper to pieces.

I try to take time to brush each cat, if they will allow it. It helps to bond with them and it is something for them to look forward to.

Of course, while I brush we discuss the cares of the world and the latest cat news.

Back home, Audrey is having a ball with a new toy I bought her. It's a feather and a few pom-poms on a rod and she loves it. The cat scratcher in the photo is called an ESS and I recommend them highly.

She kicks the heck out of it with her back feet.

I spend a lot of time playing with Audrey because the older cats don't bother. Even her mother, Annie will not play very often with her and yet Annie loves to play with me. When she does play with Audrey it sometimes ends up in a squabble over one of them getting too rambuncious. Annie has little patience. Then the feelings are hurt and it's over. So, I have become the play-mate for both of them.

Lily is doing well again.
 She is almost 18 years old and she is as light as a feather. She is strong, though and has a reason to live. His name is Ed.

It is so cold here again. It's minus a gazillion and the winds are biting cold. I walked Kane today but we kept the walk to 20 minutes. His leg is ok but a little tender as he slipped yesterday on the ice. He spent all of last evening sleeping by the wood-stove with the cats. Did I mention he thinks he is a cat? He does. I caught on to that the first time I saw him lie on his back and swat at a ribbon. Poor fella!

The ferals are fed. I'm tired and a blueberry tea with honey is calling me.

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hugs, Deb


  1. What lovely photos. You always capture felines so well. Adore the white tail sticking out of that basket. That toy of Audrey's is marvelous! x

  2. I'm sure Audrey love ESS ! Actually, I want one of those too. I think I should put on mom's list : )
    And Kane, welcome to be a kitty..MOL

  3. Minus a gazilion, that's about it........I asked Roy if he wanted to go out, he just gave me a look.

  4. I love the wicker carrier with the cat tail sticking out. cute!

  5. Love how you write about your cats and the lovely photos.

    That wicker carrier looks cozy !

    ♥Luzie, Findus and Meetzer

  6. It is very cold here today with high winds and blowing snow, a real snow day! It looks so cozy at your house, I love that you have a house full of cats and a dog who loves cats!
    Xo's ShannonAnn

  7. How sweet about Kane. If he starts meowing will he need therapy, lol!
    Ed and Lily have to be the sweetest couple ever. I just adore them.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that it's still so cold and hoped that maybe after January the bitterness had backed off. It's taken awhile for Rosie to adjust to brushing, but she is warming up to it more and more. I suspect being a "breeding" cat that she didn't have much socialization with human touch, other than checking her while she was with kittens. I'm so happy, each day, that she now lives a very spoiled life that she so deserves, XOXO

  9. You are a busy lady! So glad all the cats are doing well. I think we are going to be Mr. Toes playmate as Charlie just looks at him and this hisses if he get so rambunctious! Sweet Kane and yes I can see why he might think he is a cat! Hugs, Linda

  10. My ESS ended up at the no kill shelter. The cat I purchased it for ignored it. Sissy is very adamant that she gets cardboard scratchers! My other cat just slept on it occasionally.

    My two cats don't play together and are jealous of the other getting attention. I always thought that would subside, but it never did!

  11. Kane is such a dear, happy dog. (No problem about feeling like a cat , handsome). Hope his leg feels all better soon.
    Ed and Lily. So sweet. They never fail to get our eyes leaking a bit.
    Love to all.

  12. None of my cats loves to be brushed, they just run away !

  13. Our Harley loves to be brushed she gets all goofy when we brush her ! Hope Kane's leg gets better ! Lovely photos ! Nothing like a cup of tea to relax with ! Have a good day !

  14. That is too funny about Kane laying on his back playing swatting at a ribbon! Cute! I do hope his leg is feeling better by now. That slipping on ice is hard on everyone!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. They're so adorable!

    My parents have made use of a shoe horn. The cats seem to like messing around with the leather strap hold at the one end.

  16. Blueberry tea sounds just perfect for a hot afternoon here! We wish you are here because there is no such thing as home care when our parents are not around. We cats had to stay at a 'pet hotel' and we dont like it. Audrey is so cuts ...just like the rest of the cats :)

  17. I like the brush where did you get it?
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