Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A new tea to me.

I finished up my morning of a bit of cat-sitting (just two darling old gals, Emmi and Didi, who I have cat-sat for years now), a stop at the pet food store, helping to co-ordinate the move of Molly to her foster home and then off to daughter's in the country to help take Ruby to the vet.
She has some intestinal issues and needed to have her food changed and be de-wormed. She has free run of their yard and loves to eat the odd creature. Gah! Her and Hugo have a great life at their country home but there are consequences to dining on grasshoppers and mice. Did I tell you about her tangle with a snake? No.....I can't go there.

The best time of the day was spent with Gwyn. Aww...she's a little dolly.
 She is smiling now, staring at you like you are the most fascinating of creatures and making all kinds of interesting sounds. She is almost ten pounds now and changing every time I see her.

Returning home,  I put on the kettle to steep a pot of this tea. A new tea to me and one of my daughter's favorites.
               English Tea Shop - Chocolate Rooibos and Vanilla.
                                                         Cute packaging and delicious tea. 

It is delicious. It is made from indulgent dark chocolate and real vanilla pods.

They have a facebook page called English Tea Shop UK Ltd.
I think I'll be adding this tea to my box of favorites.

and I just have to share this...

I'm joining for Tea-time Tuesday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, Deb... love the dog cartoon! And the Chocolate Rooibos and Vanilla tea sounds wonderful...

  2. Oh... and I meant to mention that Gwyn is growing so fast. She is so precious.

  3. Oh dear, now I won't get that sex scandal expression out of my mind!

    Gwyn looks adorable. Ruby, meanwhile, looks surprised!

  4. Gwyn is a cutie!
    That tea and chocolate look yummy! =)

  5. Ruby "Me? I never touched that grasshopper!!".
    Jane x

  6. I hope I never see that particular expression on my dog or cat! Mary A

  7. Hmm, my internet connection died just as I was trying to post a comment, so I'm not sure if it went through. Anyway, someone just gave me that very same tea and it's so yummy!

  8. That baby is a real beauty! I've never had chocolate tea and I think I'd better give it a try.

  9. Gwyn is a pretty baby and it must be hard to drag yourself away from visiting her.

    I just had to treat my older cat, ( the only outdoor cat we have ) for internal parasites that caused her some real trouble. I am thankful for medicines that take care of those issues.

    Love the bottom picture ! The Vizsla puppy can be forgiven though.

  10. The dog cartoon made me laugh!!! and the tea does sounds very interesting.

  11. Gwyn is so delicate and sweet. The tea sounds like it would be wonderful.

  12. Baby's so adorable. Kitty cat's very cute. The dog picture made mom LOL. Haha!

  13. What an adorable baby! Your tea looks delicious and so does the little morsel sitting beside the cup! Isn't it lovely to have so many different kinds of teas to try? Thank you for stopping by for tea with me, Deb, and have a lovely week with your kitties.


  14. Oh that Gwyn is adorable! Chocolate tea sounds yummy!

  15. I do love the sound of that tea, vanilla, yummy. Will look them up. And how beautifully you have displayed it in that gorgeous cup. x

  16. How beautiful is Gwyn!

    Rooibos is one of my favorite teas, too. Mine is a vanilla and I actually add a little dry coco to it. Lovely! It makes me feel like I am having some hot chocolate and not having to add any sugar. (Sugar isn't my friend... )

    Have a great day! Wishing Molly all the best!

    Lily, WA, USA

  17. Ruby is gorgeous as are your daughter (who looks so much like you) and your new Grandaughter - your blog is always so peaceful..............

  18. A cup or mug for hot drink has to feel just right in order to be enjoyed.
    Much as I love dark chocolate--would I like it in my tea? That's a new combination to ponder.

  19. Ruby I hope you get better soon!
    Both mom & daughter look adorable, Gwyn is a sweety♥
    Delicious tea,chocolate & vanilla are a perfect match, I like the packaging too! es un amor♥