Sunday, October 6, 2013

Take a moment

 If you have indoor-outdoor cats please take a moment to read this article. ttp://

I really enjoyed caring for little Rosie last week. I dropped in to dish out some 'stinky goodness' for her lunch each day. She is such a cuddle-bug and looked forward to our visits. "Hope to see you again soon, Rosie."

Next week I will continue to post  many different ways to keep our indoor-only cats happy and content. It really is up to the owner to make the house cat-friendly and interesting for our frisky felines.

Our little Gwyn is a month old now and doing so well. She is such a little doll.
There I go bragging again. :-|

Ruby and Hugo are heading home today. Audrey will watch Ruby leave and that will help her realize that she has actually 'left the building.'  Back to normal again.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gwyn is precious. Is her name 'Gwyn' or is it short for Gwyndelynn? Very pretty, either way.

    and I'm sure Audrey is happy to have things back to normal... or as she likes normal.

  2. Your little grand is beautiful; you can brag as much as you like!!
    Rosie does look like an adorable cuddle-bug, a very sweet face.
    Audrey is probably thinking she is responsible for sister's departure and is patting herself on the back.

  3. Little Gwyn is adorable all wrapped up in her blanket!

    That article is not good news for birds or cats. And as most of us who love cats know, they don't just kill because they are hungry. Even well-fed cats love to hunt. So to keep the pressure off both cats and birds, it's a very good idea to keep kitties inside!

  4. I enjoy a few moments several times each week catching up with your posts. Cats are such endlessly interesting [and exasperating] creatures. I marvel at the china you can display--no place is safe in our house!

  5. Brag away Grandma - it's your right! LOL!
    Banjo is strictly an indoor kitty. I keep him nice and safe. :)
    xo Catherine

  6. Little Gwyn looks quite introspective.

    Rosie looks like a cutie!

  7. Happy my kitties have their cage!
    Gwyn is so adorable. Growing fast!

  8. Beautiful baby! And kitty! I am looking forward to your posts on keeping indoor kitties happy. I think mine are getting a little bored.

  9. This is one of the reasons why I keep Ruby indoors so she can't eat the wildlife (we have lots of birds in our garden). Instead she hunts flies that come inside and then eats them - I think that is ok!! Your grand-daughter looks gorgeous - all grandmas can brag.

  10. Your photo of dear Rosie is just beautiful! Not only does her family have the peace of mind knowing she's being well cared for but they
    get a beautiful portrait of their dear
    girl to cherish as well. Lovely.
    Happy one month, Gwen! You are a treasure. God bless you.

  11. Such a darling your baby Gwyn is! You always seem to have some romping kitty action going on too. We visited our grandchildren for the weekend, and they have two new kitties. They are hilariously entertaining. Thanks for the nice comment on my sideboard!