Saturday, October 26, 2013

What made you smile today?

How clever some people are. Look at the bats used to make the face on the pumpkins. There are some scary cats in the door-way.

Puppy pumpkin.
Pretty cute, I think.
My kitty-client, Otis is more intrigued with the herbs hanging in the window than the little treat waiting for him on the sill. "Thanks for the 'cat-in-window' pose, Otis, my boy. You always make me smile.
and coming home to find Annie and Audrey sharing the window seat on this cold Octobrrrrrrr day.

Well, little Molly is still expecting her kittens. This is good news as she has time to settle in nicely with her foster mom first.
Louise Hindel from the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network emailed me an update on her tonight.
That's definitely worth a smile.
(I'll keep you posted)
hugs, Deb


  1. Those batty pumpkins are too cool! Otis is so handsome and I love to see Audrey and Annie together. Happy Happy!

  2. This IS such an exciting season for adults as well as kids!! It's a change in the season with new sights and smells and clothes that you haven't worn since last year!!

  3. I like the crows in the first pic. And good to see Audrey and Annie sharing the windowseat.

  4. It's a day for the kitties to stay in. Yours look quite comfortable!

  5. Wish I wasn't so far away, I would love that orange mom and her babies. Im sure I can find one here, but I hope she gets a good forever home soon. My kids loved leaping at falling leaves through the glass, always good fun. Cheers!

  6. Glad to hear about little miss molly! I had a Charlie in the window today, he looked so good up there!

  7. We love those Halloween decorations! They made us smile.

  8. Hoping everything goes easy for little Mollie! Hugs from CA, little mama Mary A

  9. Those herbs would be pulled down in a minute in my house. What a good boy Otis is to just look at them! Glad to hear Molly is safe and sound to have her babies. It makes me smile, too.