Monday, October 28, 2013


   Enchanting Lola

" delight or captivate utterly; fascinate; charm" (Collins English Dictionary)

                One of my most enchanting kitty-clients. I start my day surrounded with beauty.
Lola's mom is home now and this morning starts out cold and windy. It rained overnight and the streets are still wet. The leaves are blowing around keeping Audrey amused at the window. 

I am happy to have evening cats to care for today. None that need me to rush out the door too early.
I'll be bundling up for my 5km walk later.
Best coffee cup ever.

Audrey is in one of her 'moods' and will be photo-bombing all my photos today.
Have a good one and stay cozy.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lola is a feast for the eyes. Ah, sweet Audrey, how we love ya!

  2. Lola looks like a sweetie. Audrey looks like she's planning murder.

  3. I gasped out loud when I saw Lola as she is so gorgeous but your cat photos often have that effect on me. Stay warm.

  4. Lola is lovely, but I can see why Audrey wants the attention. Enjoy your walk, XOXO

  5. Beautiful girl! Utterly captivating!
    Bet her mum was overjoyed to see your lovely portrait of Lola. Such a treat!