Monday, October 21, 2013

Chilly mornings

Ed always enjoys his mornings to start with a good meal and a wood fire. Because of his back leg injury two years ago when he fell backwards off our couch, he needs to be able to stretch out if he so desires so this box I found suits him fine.
The mornings are cool here in Ontario. The humans enjoy the fire, too.

Thank you for all the good wishes for Molly. Little Molly is still with her rescuer, Donna, and we are waiting anxiously to get her placed in a foster home soon. I went over to visit her yesterday and I was thrilled to see how friendly and sweet she is; just a little doll. Yes, she is not much more than a kitten herself.  If there is anyone in the area who can help her out by providing a safe and comfortable home for her and her future kittens, please contact me.

I will keep you posted.
hugs, Deb


  1. I think because cats are so agile we don't expect them to get injuries but Willow loves to chase a crunched up paper but actually hurt her leg bounding down the stairs so we are careful to only throw on the flat now.
    So far this year we haven't had the heating on, thank goodness.

  2. Ed looks so happy! I tweeted about Molly and your post. I figure the more we spread the word, the better.

  3. Our Harley hurt her front leg by jumping off her scratch post and now she doesn't jump off of it anymore . It is windy and chilly down here in southwestern Ontario . Snow is flying in the north soon it will be flying here ! Hope Molly finds a nice home ! Have a good day !

  4. The fire looks very inviting to lie by!

  5. I hope my retirement is as good as Ed's! Fingers crossed for Molly. Any idea when the babes are due?

  6. Praying for Molly and her sweet babies. Are they due soon? We beg God to grant her a loving home.

    Ed is so absolutely gorgeous! Why can't we humans age the same way!