Saturday, October 5, 2013


The retired guy..."Why is that box there?"
Deb..."Because we have cats."

Plain and simple. Cats love boxes. If you are looking for ways to make your indoor cats more content just bring home some boxes. They will make great use of them.

One of my favorite photos ever is this one of Ed and Sierra sharing a box.
This Campbells Soup box became one of the favorite sleeping spots for these two felines. It didn't matter that there was a couch, chairs or cat beds close by. This box 'spoke to them'.

I have a habit of bringing in new boxes for the cats to try out. If they are shallow but long they seem to like to buddy-up in them. The shorter, deeper ones become a quiet place to have a snooze. Or, as you see here, Sierra plays in them. By the end of the day this box was in shreds.
Boxes don't last too long around here because Sierra personalizes each and every one until there is nothing left.

                                          Annie's favorite box

So throw a few boxes around and watch the fun. Before long they'll be worn out and snoring.

The rain has held off today but it is much cooler here now. It's time to pull on a sweater and enjoy the cool air.
While I type, Ruby and Audrey are lying exhausted on the office floor. They are funny cats as they play hard and still hiss at each other in the midst of it. I think they find it hard to believe that they are actually together again. Anyway, the house is rockin' and I'm here without a camera this weekend. You'll just have to believe me.

Off for a walk with Kane to kick some leaves around.

hugs, Deb


  1. Don't ask why the box is comfortable for kitties. Just accept that it is!

  2. Oh yes; every time I bring a box inside, small or big, there is a fight for it amongst our three. But if I bring in THREE boxes (one each), two get ignored and the battle is on for Queen of one box! Such cute photos Deb.

  3. Isn't it amazing how they love boxes (and baskets)! Our house is always decorated with several boxes here and there. Anything that is delivered is an exciting event - as the cats line up waiting to be given the box it came in... big or small.

  4. What can I say...? SAME HERE! :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!



  5. My two like boxes for about 2 minutes...then off to their favorite lounging spots!!!

  6. My little man Jinx is the same way....he LOOOVVES boxes. For awhile there everytime hubs and i emptied a box we would tape them together until he had a growing city of boxes..... we would cut holes in them here and there......such fun! We haven't done that for quite awhile, thanks for the reminder! Hugs! deb

    1. I would do that for them if I had the room . Maybe someday. It's a fun idea.

  7. Indeed, boxes and cats! Paper bags and cats! My two kittens are nutz for boxes and bags!
    Glad to hear Audrey and her sister are surviving the get-together.

  8. This holds true for children too. I visited my sister in her new apartment and took 2 of my younger grandchildren with me. My sister pulled out several of her large moving boxes, some duct tape & markers and told them the boxes were theirs to play with. Goodness, if every parent only realized ( or cat owner ) expensive toys, fancy toys, are not necessary and kids & cats have more fun with boxes and their imagination every time.

    I love the pictures and you've inspired e. I am going out to the garage right now to get a box for the cats.

  9. My Ruby loves shopping bags, she isn't keen on waiting until it is empty, she likes to hop in and I get the remaining things out from around her!! Ruby also loves to get into boxes or cupboards and starts to scratch on the back to see if she can go any further like the cupboard in the Narina books!!

  10. THese are all great, but I adore that first one!