Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little habits & let's have tea.

by Deidre Wicks

It has been one of my busiest weeks ever for cat-sitting. Many people share Thanksgiving (in Canada) with family and need to travel at this time. In many ways, it holds more anticipation and tradition than Christmas for some. 

I have been running the roads caring for a total of 19 cats. That's not 19 homes, as some have more than one,but it makes for a lot of visits. I also stopped in to a fundraiser for local homeless animals and donated some food. There is no end to the need for help with these small rescues. They had precious kittens and a little dog sitting there waiting to be picked for a new loving home. They have many more in foster homes. Heart-breaking, I tell ya.

Cats are so funny and many have little routines that must never be toyed with.
I have kitty-clients who wait to be be brushed, some that love a back rub, two that anticipate hunting down treats as I head out the door. This fellow has to have 5 minutes with the faucet. 

Twice a day he gets his water this way.
With his mask he's ready for Halloween.
"Oops, am I disturbing you?"
Funny little quirky felines.

Are you enjoying all the pumpkin treats that are appearing everywhere?
These are pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing that I picked up at our book-store/cafe this morning to enjoy with some pumpkin spice tea. May I just take this moment to sing the praises of Aisha, the baker-extraordinaire. "Amazing."

The retired-guy joined me today.
While Audrey counted leaves falling
we ate these...mmmmmm
The little bear is filled with organic local honey.

with pumpkin orange spice loose tea.
"Is that not a vision of beauty?"
Of course, Annie had to join us for tea.
Now it's off to walk our freshly-bathed dog and then time to fill the cat-bag and hit the road again.

Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

hugs, Deb


  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your blog every day. I adore the visits with your clients, seeing their gorgeous faces and homes. You, your home and family, radiate warmth and love. It isn't Thanksgiving where I am but I surely am thankful for the joy you bring.

  2. Hmmm, now I'm hungry again!

    My parents' last set of cats all loved drinking from the running faucet.

  3. Your "faucet" kitty client has the most interesting markings! What a hoot, though that he drinks out of the faucet.
    Oh my, those muffins with the frosting...what a craving I have now!!!
    Have fun with all those kitties, that's a busy weekend for sure. And Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Honey, I have honey for you when I see you next!!!

    Love the faucet kitty. Julius does that too.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You will be busy with all those kitty clients.

  5. You certainly sound very busy with all those cats. Mine Ruby loves to play with the water from the tap, but she has never shown interested in drinking from it.

    Have a lovely week.

  6. Oh my, that tap drinker is exquisite!

  7. love the Deidre Wicks painting. teddy must have his water from the bathroom faucet or he enjoys chasing and licking ice cubes around the kitchen floor so that mummy comes along and slides around -- funny until mum takes a header! ;) yummy goodies. have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. The little "tap" kitty's markings are so delightful! It must be a treat to see that exquisite face when he comes to greet you.
    Audrey certainly looks well pampered on her pillows.
    Nothing better than freshly made muffin. Yummy.

  9. I love seeing your cat clients! Charlie loves to drink from the faucet also! We do love our fur babies don't we!

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  11. My Feli loves drinking from running water too! Your kitty client mask is adorable! He resembles Pilu,a beautiful cat I met 8 years ago at Parque Bonito residence in Villa Gesell, a seaside town and the place I was born by the way. Pilu was once an abandoned kitty,rescued and loved by the manager of the hotel & his wife for several years but one day, he was transferred to another place far away and couldn´t take Pilu with him. She missed the man & wife a lot she used to sleep with them and soon got sick. From time to time he would visit her and according to the maids Pilu recognized and purred at him! Obviously she was cared and loved and I was so lucky to met her and her special story, my husband always said to me: "You go to Parque Bonito not to enjoy your holidays, you are anxious to go to see Pilu".♥