Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Caring for the 'oldies'

This is Petri
and she is nearly 20 years old. I had the priviledge of caring for her recently and fell right in love with her. I think the feeling was mutual because she would push her head into my neck when I would carry her around. Her purr was loud and jerky. What a dear old cat she is. Her coat is now patched with grey and her eyes have lost their luster.  She spends her days seeking out sun-puddles where she dreams of conquests in her past. Now strictly an indoor cat, she once roamed the neighbourhood and had little to do with humans. She was a hunter and demanded her freedom. Now she just wants the comforts that any one would crave at her ripe old age. She is a dear old girl. She is loved and promises her heart 'forever'.

and this is Little Dolly

Adopted from our local animal shelter, Dolly joined a family of five felines and has found her place in her new home. She is a senior cat but as far as I can see she shows no signs of slowing down. Unaware of her history, I can only say that she is a living doll.

I am 'playing' again in the dining-room planning a table-scape for Thanksgiving. Right now the table-cloths are protected with a plastic cover because, as you know, I always have feline assistance whenever I play in there.

I found a yellow gourd that looked like a swan and popped it into the cupboard.
This cupboard is a mish-mash of many little treasures. I have pieces handed down from my mother and mother in-law, some cherished gifts and many pieces found while 'junkin'.

At our family dinnnr, I'll be using my gravy boat with the painted cat from my friend and artist, Ronna.  Why don't you take a moment and drop by to visit her blog. She's a cake-baker extraordinaire and you must see her Fall wedding cake.

hugs, Deb


  1. They are beautiful cats!

    I suspect your kitties feel the need to supervise.

  2. Such sweet old cats, so good that they are well-loved!

  3. I will be popping in to see your friend's blog after I comment. I love your idea for protecting the table from beloved felines. An idea I can definitely use.

    A 20 year old cat, wow ! I can tell she is much loved in her old age. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know all cats are so well loved. Actually, it would be truly wonderful for any aged creature to know the safety & security of such love in old age.

    That gourd does look like a swan.

  4. Petri and Dolly have taken my heart reading about them. It takes me back to old cats we have owned, they have something special.

  5. Cats young or old are beautiful creatures:)))) I have many years before mine get that old.

  6. Oldies have a special air about them...dignity,quiet,serene. Love oldies.
    Jane x

  7. Such sweet oldies! Enjoy playing with your dishes!

  8. Oldie´s life stories are always so moving! Petri & Little Dolly God bless you!
    Your adorable cupboard looks great in white with touches of orange,so delicate and lively! Those cute gourds are a perfect complement for your cherished little treasures♥