Monday, October 21, 2013

Dare ya! & "Good luck, Molly"

I think Audrey loves the new wand I brought home for her. It is called a Plume Wand and it is quite enticing for a kitty cat.
She loves to wrap herself in it and then gnaw on the feathers.
Don't try to take it on her; you might lose a finger.
But I must supervise her with it because the pea-brain would probably strangle herself.

Little Molly is now with her new foster mom who was found through the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.  Bless them for working hard to find the perfect place for her. Her foster-mom is a vet-tech and has experience helping mother cats and kittens. I do believe she is now safe and sound. I will post to let you know how she is doing. "Good luck, little Molly."

Thank you Donna for taking her in off the street and helping her find a safe home.

Now, if you are a soup lover, I am sending you over to to try a wonderful recipe that Estelle posted this morning. I'm going to make this soup by changing the chicken stock to vegetable stock since I am a veg-head. This should be good.

Have a great day. It's raining cats and dogs here.

hugs, Deb


  1. Good for Molly.

    Ah, Audrey, that glare can work wonders!

  2. Such good news! and the perfect foster mom. I hope little Molly will find a forever home and be coddled and loved!

  3. Audrey you look so glamorous in your feathers! So happy with the news about Molly! It's starting to cool down here in Georgia and feel like Fall!

  4. Sweet Molly...glad she has a place now..
    Love the photo in your previous day post of Mr. Ed curled up by the fire.
    Audrey looks like such a diva!

  5. I always get such a palpable sense of just how homey your place is. Such a gentle existence your fortunate feline friends have (and probably everyone else too!) OMG I would love to curl up in front of a wood fire every morning! Glad the new little rescue now has a home.

  6. I love Audrey's "Go on I dare you" stare. :)

  7. Yup - don't get between kitty and their new toy. Haha.
    xo Catherine

  8. so happy to hear Molly has a foster family. isn't Estelle wonderful ... her recipes divine and a gorgeous blog. feathers !!!!! Cassie would tell Audrey there's nothing better than feathers!!!!

  9. Oh Deb...I am so happy to read that a dear heart has taken Miss Molly. I worried all yesterday about her. If I lived in your area, I could not have resisted her...babies to be and all. Thank you for sharing the soup recipe too!

  10. Oh Deb, I am so happy that Miss Molly is safe and sound. I worried about this little darling all yesterday. If I lived in your area, I would certainly have given her a home...babies and all! Bless the hearts of those who rescue animals. Thank you also, for sharing the Minestrone soup recipe..hope everyone enjoys it!

  11. So so glad to read Molly is in a great foster home!

  12. Louise is channelling her inner Audrey lately! I need to get her one of those toys.

    So glad to hear Molly has a foster home. I send her love and good thoughts!

  13. I've just been catching up on my favourite blogs after a weekend without and have been reading about Molly. It's good to know that she'll be safe and warm for the birth of her kittens. She probably didn't hiss or growl with all the moving and handling she's had recently because she knew it was better than where she had been. Good luck to her.

  14. That is great about little Molly. I hope she and her kittens are healthy, happy and find good homes.
    Thanks for your efforts on their behalf.
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. We need to keep up our prayers for darling Molly. We thank God she has a safe place to have her family. Now the little ones will need homes and
    lovely Molly will need a forever
    home. So often the mom cats get
    left behind. I think she's so beautiful,
    but there is something more, special,
    that touches me. If I weren't a world
    away, she'd be mine.

  16. Little Molly, my sweety, God bless you, your future babies and your dear foster mom for having such a big heart! God bless kind-hearted Donna too for taking care and helping when Molly needed her!
    Audrey, you are a Diva!