Friday, October 18, 2013


Sierra is spending more time inside now as the mornings are a little cool for her liking.
I think the mailman will miss her.

I was so busy cat-sitting last week. Tuxedos, blacks, marmalades, wonderful whites & calicos have kept me hopping from house to house. Things are now a little quieter and I can pace my day and sit to enjoy a cup of tea.
Although I do have quite a collection of tea-paraphernalia, I did not own a tea-cozy until today.
Thank you so much to my friend and client, Cheryl, for coming to my door with a lovely gift from her travels.
Today I put it to use with my favorite Fall tea-cups. Yep, I found another one and now there are two.
That means you can join me. I love the colour of these cups and they are the perfect ones to use in October. We are having Margaret's Hope loose tea with honey today. It is a favorite around here and is kept in a special box with two other yummy teas.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling

Discover one of the finest teas from one of the very best tea gardens in Darjeeling. Named after the owner’s daughter, Margaret, who fell in love with the magical beauty of the region back in the 1930s, this rare second flush is prized for its fruity muscatel flavour and delicious astringency. Sought after by tea connoisseurs around the world, it’s a luxurious taste experience that every tea lover must try.
If you are a tea-lover you have to try this tea.

And I do have a photo to share with you from our walk. This little scrapper with the scratch on his nose picked a beautiful place for a nap, don't you think?
Have a great day, everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Where did you find an identical cup and saucer to your fall set? I thought they were orphans.

  2. It's a little darker in color but makes a nice set. Found at our local health food store.

  3. I just love that last photo! Too precious :) The tea does sound delicious!

  4. What a purrfect gift! She knows you well. I'll be over! (I wish) .....


  5. The little one with the scratch on his nose could have been posing for an artist! What a beautiful painting he and his surrounds would make.
    He might not be a scrapper at all!
    It's always my sweet, docile ones that get scratched by the scrappers
    who never seem to get a mark.
    You'll love using your delightful cozy,
    especially when you're busy about the house ( and that season is fast
    upon us, isn't it).

  6. Just the right place for a nap indeed!

    Sierra looks so very peaceful.

  7. I still miss my pet sitting business, although I still do it for friends and neighbours. It is it's own reward.

  8. Oh kitty is smart to keep warm inside. Your tea cozy is adorable. Nothing nicer than a cup of piping hot tea on an Autumn afternoon.

    That last photo is precious!

  9. What a darling tea cozy. It's always a joy to visit your blog. Love the kitty napping by the pumpkin.

  10. Lovely autumn photo with the pumpkin colored cat!

  11. You always make tea into high art!

  12. I love that tea cozy. Cozies are hard to find. My mom used to knit cozies for our teapots.
    I think I can almost smell the delicious aroma of that tea!
    Sweet ginger baby looks great with the leaves and pumpkins. And those fuschias are still blooming!!!

  13. What a gorgeous tea cosy - even when not in use, it will be lovely to look at.

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