Friday, October 4, 2013


Audrey is waiting for her sister to arrive.

"We're gonna shake this place up."
Ruby and Hugo are coming for a 'sleep-over' and she's feeling rather anxious. All her toys are in a basket and her ESS has been placed in the living-room. Her cat-house with all the bobbles that hang from it sits ready for some action. She is pumped and ready to play.
Me, on the other hand, have had to put away all breakables and nail everything else to the floor. These sisters get pretty rowdy when they get together although last time they spent most of the weekend chasing each other on the stairs.
I haven't even told Annie yet. Last time she just growled at her and had a look like "What in blue blazes are you doing back here?" I don't expect it will be any better tonight.

Speaking of sisters, a big "Happy Birthday" goes out to mine today. "Hope you had a great day,  Diane."

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll be cat-sittin' & refereeing around here. And to top it off it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Fall is upon us.

hugs, Deb


  1. That'll be a fun weekend!

    Audrey looks fierce!

  2. Give Annie some extra love from all of us. She appreciates her precious home and wants no commotion.

  3. Poor Annie. She hasn't figured out that the kids seem to come home -- no matter the age! Have fun this weekend! So far this morning, Cassie has been on the kitchen counter -- she loves my newly crocheted candy corn hot pad --- carries it around the house (sigh). Guess it is hers now. Mina is checking out the cabinets in the bath room looking for the paper towels. Never dull and boring!

  4. Yeah, a kitty sleepover! Happy birthday to sis :)

  5. Sounds like chaos will "rain" over the weekend. Good luck and I hope your white cupboard with all the beautiful crockery will survive!