Monday, October 7, 2013

Falling for Fall colours

Don't you just love the colours of Fall?

Our front steps are covered with a blanket of leaves. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is each year.

Along our walking path.

Quincy & Flash are showing their Fall colours.
These boys have stolen my heart.
They both had a bad start in life and are now living in cat heaven.

My dining-room is wearing it's Fall colours, too.

This photo was taken in the Fall of 2009. Gary & Kane out walking on a cool, October day. I love how Kane looks so happy and ready to run after the ball again. We'd throw it fifty times...he'd want more. Now at the age of thirteen he is happy to carry a stick.
We would walk on the tracks to go home.
Sadly, they are no more. All the tracks were removed this past year.
I'm so happy to have this photo now. 

hugs, Deb


  1. I love the colors you used on your house and they are perfect with Autumn. Best time of the year!

  2. How vibrant your community looks. We don't have maples in southern Alberta, and all our leaves are a bright yellow. It looks nice but to someone originally from the Maritimes, it appears just a little anaemic. They must be raked all the same, though...

  3. I love your fall decorating, from the front steps to the tablescape.
    Sweet,sweet photos of Kane and your husband. Senior dogs are very special.

  4. WOW! Amazing colors right outside your door. I can't wait til all our leaves turn colors. It's my favorite thing about fall.

  5. The rain is bringing down so many leaves today...they are stuck to the windows so we have an ever changing window display.
    Jane x

  6. You're getting covered in leaves on your property!

    Quincy and Flash look like very dashing fellows...

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the Autumn colours with us. We don't find them as easily here in Vancouver!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. How beautiful Deb, we love seeing the real change in seasons where you live. Ours looks the same pretty much all year.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  9. Your front yard, with it's blanket of scarlet, is a work of art!

  10. I think fall is my favorite too!

  11. We don't have leaves that turn colours where we live. It's business as usual for our few plants. Oh those maples....the stuff that dream autumns are made of!
    Love, love, love to see hard luck kitties end up as pampered family members. Wish more would.
    Kisses for sweet Kane dog.

  12. I love the way you capture all those beautiful colours! I know why Quincy & Flash stole your heart, they are a sweety♥
    Lovely pic from Gary and Kane enjoying their walk together,keep on improving with your stick sweet Kane!
    It´s a pity that those tracks doesn´t exist anymore, we walk our doggies out along a green space beside the railways but there are few places left in my town to walk or cicle with our children and our pets safely..Ituzaing√≥ was mostly a town of low houses...till this year... that six storey building are being built it´s sad that we can´t do nothing to stop the everyday changing landscape.

  13. Love all the fall colours! Your maple tree is beeyootiful.

    So sad the tracks are gone...