Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Potting and Puttering...and cats, of course.

I watched this morning as a Starling built it's nest in one of our maple trees; deep inside a hole in the trunk. Boy, she was a busy momma-to-be.

I mentioned that I have another bird feeding station set up outside my portable greenhouse so I can snap a few photos from there. It's become the favorite place for a drive-thru lately. :)

Juncos, sparrows, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, nut-hatch....

I think she knows she's my favorite.

Busy, busy.

The little greenhouse will stay up until our veggie garden is done. It holds the new sprouts right now as it stays warm in there all night from the daily sun. This morning early it was +25C in there.
I keep my tools, pots, bird seed & a huge barrel of water inside. The water heats up in the daily sun and then keeps the greenhouse warmer at night.
I've been potting and puttering all day.
My tomatoes are up but I wait now for the other veggies & herbs I have planted in sprouting pots to make their appearance.
We'll be sharing our veggie garden with my brother, Joe and my sister, Diane and their families this year.
So, once it is time to plant,which here in Ontario is after the 24th of May, there should be lots of gardeners around. :)

Simon's friend is getting used to me now. The little critter spent much of the morning sitting inside this flower box. Why? Because there were sunflower seeds in there. lol   But, not anymore.
I saw Simon sitting on the old pump while this one kept me company. Funny, fast and furious they are.
I'm not sure where this relationship is heading but baby chippies would surely be welcomed at the mouse-house.

And David was by for his cuddle and belly rub. He visits every day now that we work outside more.
This photo was taken last summer. I just wanted you to see how friendly this little king of the wild frontier is.

I've been showing off cats that I cared for through my cat-sitting service that I provided for the area that we have recently moved from.
Let's look back a bit...

Meet Cortez
Yes, he was as loving and charming as he looks.His dead-pan expression always made me laugh.
I liked to call him my dapper little gentleman as he was a lovely cat to be around; a real treat to care for.
He was gentle and soft-natured and loved his indoor/outdoor life on his spacious country homestead.
He's another cat that I miss with all my heart.

hugs, Deb


  1. So many gorgeous critters, and Cortez is adorable ♥

  2. I'd not heard of Juncos before you mentioned them on your blog. You certainly have a great deal of wildlife at the mouse-house. Not that David is anything near wild.

  3. So much going on at the Mouse House and gardens! Happy!!

  4. You have a wonderful tribe there, Deb! Isn't it nice to see spring bring them all to life -- and action!

  5. You are having such a good time with all your furry and feathered neighbors. Love the kitties!

  6. Excellent photos! David and Cortez; classic male tabbies...full of personality and love!

  7. That picture of Simon's friend in the flower box is the cutest thing!! I love the one of you and David too. It's so obvious that animals just love you and trust you.

  8. Deb, I just love that you're sharing pics of the kitties you have taken care of. And, it's sure good to see Audrey back to her sassy self! Nebraska ><>

  9. Cortez does look quite dead pan! David certainly is friendly!

  10. I just love that photo of Simon's friend! He or she needs a name! Those cheeks! haha.

  11. What an amazing variety of birds you get! We don't have anywhere near so many. Simon's friend is so cute. I hope he or she sticks around.

  12. hahaha those cheeks indeed! made me laugh!
    David & Cortez are adorable tabbies! have had a few in the past too.
    glad to see Audrey back to her old self (almost) so glad she is feeling much better (love that tongue, so pink!)
    thanx for sharing

  13. Oh, wouldn't baby chipmunks be so cute? Love all the little birds - the chickadee on the teacup is sweet. Cortez looks just like my Maggie. Same color eyes, too. I'm sure he misses you just as much :)

  14. I love how you've described Cortez. It makes me wish I could reach through the screen, pick him up and cuddle him. There really is something gentlemanly about his handsome face.
    Baby chipipes would be too delightful! Are we sure that this new little visitor isn't trying to take over Simon's territory?

  15. Isn't it so charming to watch all the bird feeder activity Deb? How in the world did you capture that adorable picture of Simon with cheeks full of sunflower seed? And., last but not least, Cortez....beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!