Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Remember these guys?ADOPTED!
they kept believing....and now they are adopted

adopted!  YAH!!

great news for these fortunate cats and kittens that have been rescued from our local pound. Foster-lady Shelly has worked so hard to find them loving homes and after getting them on their way yesterday she then returned to the kennel and picked up 3 orange kittens and a pregnant calico. All of them will stay with Shelly in her home and be cared for until proper homes are available. The pregnant calico will have her kittens there and be safe, warm, well-fed and loved instead of being euthanized which was to be her fate. I always sleep well when I know that cats have been saved. love ya, Shel

hugs, Deb


  1. WOOT WOOT!!! Three cheers for the kitties new families for giving them a furever home!!

  2. 13 tail salute from the Katnip Lounge!