Friday, October 15, 2010

Putting the FUN back in FILING

It's raining cats & dogs here today. I am happily in my office for the morning doing fun things like purging, organizing, & cleaning (blah!). Nevertheless, I am thankful to have the time to do this now. I am playing with my cat-sitting folders too and am embellishing them so when I use them they will be entertaining as well as useful. Shouldn't everything be that way? I have 58 files to pretty-up.I wish the office was 3 times it's size. *nose
wiggles...nothing happens*
Puff purrs-not
Ginny sits on my knee or in front of the computer being annoying but this is our time together so I just let her do whatever'. Rae-Rae sleeps at the top of the stairs.

Our kitchen is still under construction so there will be painting to do this weekend along with errands. I am looking for a white cabinet for the kitchen to hold more dishes and my coffee corner. Shelia from Note Songs had a fun kitchen party that I was unable to join because no one wants to see paint cans and ladders in the photos but if you would like to pop over to see some of the most delightful kitchens I have ever seen (some I almost fainted) then drop by.

I only have one house of cats this weekend to care for but there are 6 there so they should keep me busy and entertained. Bookings are already coming in for Christmas and one booking came in for February holidays. I love organized people, especially organized, cat people.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well, I love how your folders came out! Aren't they so much more fun "prettied up?" I think you're going to be a busy cat sitter. I can see in your face how much you love them.

  2. Cute files. Love the kitty photos and comments on each personality! Give Rae Rae and extra hug for me, I'm gonna miss that little one.

  3. Love those cute files...
    wow...I had no idea about the other "33's" amazing is that!! Thanks so much for letting me know.

  4. Cute filing system; love the beautiful Ginny photo...Best of luck with the kitchen remodel; hope it runs smoothly...Happy Friday, sweet Deb.