Monday, October 18, 2010


Never be in the wrong place at the wrong time when two cats have a scuff. That's where I was last night. I was brushing Joey and Cali came up behind him and Joe turned to swipe (nails out) and my face got in the way. Holy *%$%#* that hurt! Today my nice husband is doing all my errands but I have to listen to him call me 'scar-face'. Nice!
I literally cannot be seen in public for at least a couple of days. Under my right eye is not a pretty sight. Any suggestions so as to not get a scar from this nasty cat scratch? I have been leaving it open to the air after applying peroxide but if there is a natural remedy for wounds I would love to know.
These two are 'not friends' and frankly, right now I don't like either one of them. :(

but I'll get over it....maybe some cake will help.
yes..I know I just posted all about my love for Cali but that was BS (before swat)

hugs, Deb


  1. No remedies, but a good rebuttal: tell everyone in earshot your "nice" Hubby is responsible for the scratch!
    Thank goodness your eyeball wasn't scratched.

  2. I've found Vaseline to work really well for quick wound healing as well as prevention/minimization of scars. I've had someone tell me that's what their dermatologist recommended for scar prevention instead of buying the expensive stuff they sold. As long as you keep the wound moist all the time, even if you get a scar, it will be very, very faint. It works like a charm for me.

  3. Ouch is right! Good luck with the scar prevention!

  4. Hi Deb, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yep, I'm a cat lover too. I only had 1 cat for the past 4 years (I had another before that, but she became very ill & we had to have her put down), but at the end of August, a female stray showed up on my front porch. I took her in and later discovered she was pregnant! She only had 2 babies & 1 was stillborn, so we just have 1 kitten. He's 5 weeks old now and SO adorable and lively! Mama cat & baby have an entire bedroom to themselves still, as mama cat does not like my male cat at all. She attacked him last week when she escaped from the bedroom. I have a feeling we have a loong way to go.


  5. Hi Deb,
    I love your blog. Sorry I haven't commented since your birthday but I love to read everything here & follow your adventures in cat sitting. Having recently crashed my face into sharp wooden furniture in the dark while stooping to put something out for my foster cats at night, and being into natural health care & first aid, I can offer the following:
    Yes, keeping the wound(s) open to air is the best thing for now. If you're going to be busy doing things & don't want to risk hitting it again or hurting yourself while asleep, you can cover it with a loose bandage with non-latex adhesive; Hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the open wound - it will bubble when you put it on which means it's working;
    Organic lavender oil helps to stop bleeding, close wounds quickly, and heal skin to minimize scarring - you can dilute it with a few drops of fresh massage oil;
    Polysporin has an antibiotic which protects the area so nothing can get through it while it's on;
    Vitamin E oil from a capsule can be applied to the cut as well and prevent scarring;
    Don't put any makeup on the area until it's completely closed (though you probably would like to hide it from view)
    Vaseline is not water-soluble, meaning water can get through vaseline, and bring germs with it.
    I hope some of the above helps. My 3 foster buddies say "Meow Deb! We don't care what you look like. We love you anyway! Hope you feel better soon."