Monday, October 18, 2010

Be happy, Belle

 I have some news.....drum-roll please. I am so happy to announce the following....
This little precious, darling, sweet-faced, purr-bunny named Belle is finally ADOPTED after one year at our local shelter.
I wish you all the love and comfort that you so deserve, sweet little Belle with your new family.
I wanted to show you this picture but I can't take it out of the frame without damaging it so this is the best I can do. It hangs in my kitchen but presently my kitchen is being painted so everything is scattered.
I just love the boldness of this kid and his haircut...ha! someone really did use a bowl.
Cali joined me in the kitchen late tonight. We talked about 'displaced anger' that showed up last night in Joey when Cali surprised him from behind. (Yes, I talk to my cats) She is needing more attention these days because her body is old and sometimes achy. She requests more contact with me and still purrs like a kitten. She has never liked being carried for more than a minute but loves to lean in to your body and rest. She is a cat full of character and is the last of the 5 that grew up with my children. Our older cats were adopted recently as senior cats but Cali came to us as an abandoned kitten and we enjoyed raising her. She is very special to me now and I love when she joins me for tea late at night.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Displaced anger in cats

Displaced anger in cats is 'accidental aggression'. When a cat is startled or is surprised with a situation suddenly it will strike out at the closest cat (or person) in its reach. If two cats who normally get along see another cat enter the room or approach a window one of the cats may lash out at the other cat even though they are best buddies. It is uncontrollable aggression and is not planned.

Face is healing (thanks Kathy for the advice) but I won't be out in public for another day except to care for kitties. It is still swollen and red and I live in a small town and it doesn't take much to start rumours so I'll just lay low for a day more:)
Have a great Tuesday
hugs, Deb 


  1. I am so happy for Belle! She looks like such a sweet girl. I am glad you and Cali had your talk (yes I talk to my cat). I understand Cali, I get cranky as I get older also! Glad your face is healing Deb!

  2. I'm happy Belle has a furrever home. Love the old photo. Hope you're healing up.

  3. Belle looks a lot like my Bonnie cat on my sidebar. I still miss her. Guess I always will. I'm so happy for Belle!

  4. YAY for sweet Belle, so happy she found a loving home!...Sorry to hear about the "cat fight" you got in the middle of; hope your face heals quickly...Same thing has happened to me; seems inevitable eventually if you have close bonds with kitties...Take care, Deb.