Monday, October 18, 2010

Living with senior cats ain't for the weak

Remember Cali?

Well, She is suffering with arthritis and has been out of sorts lately. She has been to the vet and is on meds now. Like old people, my old cats are starting to fall apart. Cali is 18 now so I have to watch her closely. Sometimes she seems fine and other days she looks worn out. It goes with having senior cats and it is always hard to watch them get frail. But, as you can see in this photo taken last Spring, she is still very demanding. I'd be sad if she wasn't. Cali has always been an 'in your face' cat (can't ya tell) and has some cattitude, too. She will live with other cats but they are not allowed to touch her. They are also not allowed to stare at her. I am not allowed to go about the house barefoot because she hates bare feet. She goes in for the kill. Is she a diva cat....she is and that is why it hurts to see her get old. I have enjoyed every minute of her drama. Now she walks about stiffly and is very thin in the back-end. She has the mind to jump sometimes but the body won't follow. On good days she jumps a lot. Her canned food is the highlight of her day and not long ago she took pleasure in stalking insects and mice. I will find her curled up in the sun for hours now. She is asleep more hours than awake now. It's just a cat getting old but I love her and it saddens me. I lost my Maggie only months ago. You should be a tough cookie if you are going to adopt senior cats but I'm not. And it never gets easy to let them go.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wow...18? How incredible that she has had such a full life. She's gorgeous. I have never adopted a senior cat, but definitely would. In fact, I've felt more and more strongly about it lately. I am not a tough cookie, though, so I do worry a little about it. You are doing a great job with Cali -- what a gift for both of you :)

  2. She is a beauty and at 18 still the Diva!! It is hard to watch them age, but to know and love them is a gift I agree!!

  3. Cali looks like quite a Cat. It IS hard to watch them age. My KonaKitty is 14-15 and she's pretty stiff some days; she really enjoys the summer heat and a heated Cat bed in the winter. And she likes her food, too!