Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday morning

"Mornin' Nan..sorry to wake you but the birds are on our roof and a cat has to do what a cat has to do"
Fine, Rae-Rae. It's time for a tea and then out for breakfast this morning. We are heading to our favorite breakfast place and then lots of shopping today. I'll try to fit in an extra walk today too as I am still trying to drop 7 lbs. Boy, it's not easy when you are my age.
I've loaded up on apples so I have no excuse for eating chips when the hunger pains start.

Cali is the top-cat in our home and always was (18 years) She picked the highest spot to call her own and sleeps there every night across from our bed. She's feeling better today. :)

I'm a little excited about a phone call from Shelly who is our local cat rescue foster home. She scooped up 2 pregnant cats from our pound before they could be euthanized and took them home to care for them and let them have their babies. 
                                                                                                      (from web)

They were both very close to delivering and she called to say "They are both in labour and 2 wee ones are here. They are doing fine although one kitten had to be helped along by our local veterinarian but she is home now. Shelly will stay with them all day until they are all born and said she would let me know tonight how it all turned out. These kittens will now have the opportunity to be adopted into good homes at 10 weeks and we'll do our very best to find loving homes for the moms. They are both beautiful and I'll have pictures soon.
Have a great day!

hugs Deb 


  1. So glad Cali is feeling better today...Happy news about the baby kittens=those sweeties were so lucky Shelly took them in and saved them all...Best of luck with the weight loss=it is definitely harder as we age=youth is so wasted on the young :)...Have a fun weekend, Deb.

  2. So glad the Mama kitty and her baby were rescued just in time!
    Kisses to Cali!

  3. Good luck with those 7 pounds, whatever you do don't send them my way! I love the fresh apples in the Fall...I'd pick them over chips any day.

    ConCats to both of the new Mama Cats!