Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ferals & fondling dishes

I stopped over at the warehouse where I place food for some strays from the bush tonight. I put the dry and soft food down and then I sat in the car a piece away and waited to see who is coming by these nights. I put the radio on softly and decided I would sit through  a few songs before leaving. Within a few minutes a little grey cat with white feet, white bib & a few stripes on it's sides appeared. She watched the car carefully and moved slowly towards the food. I never moved......she boldly kept walking. As she was dining I thought I might see the grey & white one that I have seen often but no cats showed up, only her. The tabby & white one was not here tonight either or perhaps she was just waiting for me to leave. So goes it....the ferals. When I see one I had never seen before appear I wonder just how many are in this bush. Too many. One is too many. I always leave feeling sad.
I thought I would share a good book I just finished reading. It is about friendship & has loads a good recipes.
I'm playing with dishes again :)

Changing things up and still painting the kitchen.

Today I watched Rae-Rae chase her tail....she never ceases to amaze me or look ridiculous.
Hope you had a nice Sunday
hugs, Deb
More bookings for Christmas came in today. I am so impressed at how organized my cat-sitting clients are. 

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