Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joe & Rae-Rae moving on

 Since Joey & Rae-Rae have been staying with us, things have changed a bit around here. They arrived in May with their litter box, dinner bowls and the attitude that most young cats own. Rae-Rae had no fear and presented herself to the ol' ones with great confidence. Joe hid in a room until he conjured up some nerve and then entered our livingroom, puffed up like a peacock and ready to strutt his stuff. He demanded to be an indoor-outdoor cat so off he went with his name-tag on with my daughter's supervision and Rae-Rae was happy just to explore the new digs and get to know the geriatrics. **Zoooooom** became her nick-name as most times she was just a streak of colour going by and to this day I can't believe she has any brain-cells left after crashing into the kitchen wall hundreds of times in pursuit of a run-away fuzzy mouse. Her appetite was disgraceful (this gal did not eat like a bird) and she would knock over the 'ol ones to be the first to the food dish. It was like watching a game of bowling....pins flying everywhere. She'd eat and then lay beside the others and watch them eat. She found them very amusing and sometimes would try to play with their tails while they ate. *BAFF!* She'd get it..right in the noggin'. She learned eventually that the 'ol ones called the shots and she was to behave. Joe & Rae-Rae were good buddies when he was around but his time was spent outside keeping our area free of rodents. He is a hunter and that's that.

They will be packing up their litter box, dinner bowls & their attitude soon to be moving on. I'll be handing an extra suitcase to Rae to fill with all her fuzzy mice (after they are retrieved from under the fridge). Sure, I spoiled her with trinkets and she probably is a little chubby because of all the treats but she will exercise it off soon running the stairs at her new home. I think the 'ol ones will be happy to see the tail-end of these two since they like the quiet life now and have no interest in watching a male cat strutt around like Dirty Harry. They prefer to play board-games.
 I am going to miss them. Joe makes me laugh and I have fallen completely in love with Rae.

 She rubs her head on my face when I pick her up..."You belong to me" she is saying. Yes, I do Rae. I counted the blocks from my home to their new home and it is 7. I can make that in 5 minutes with my runners on. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I am just glad they will be so close by! I miss Rae Rae already. I'm sure the seniors will heave a sigh of relief.

  2. Deb, Thank you so much to visit my blog and follow me, Now I followed you too because your blog is so interesting.

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  3. The ElderCats will be snoozing up a storm to celebrate! Now they can nap in peace. But I bet everyone will be missing the youngsters, even if they don't show it. It was great fun reading of their antics and getting to see their beautiful pictures - I hope that will continue!

  4. Debbie I am so happy to meet you and to find your blog! Thanks so much for following mine, I am now following yours! I LOVE IT!
    I love the nearly has me in tears!
    I think we have a lot in common after reading your bio.
    I now live in the Detroit area (hi neighbor!!)....I am looking at the photo of handsome he a Sheltie? If so, we have a 3 yr old Sheltie named Dakota!
    Your cats are gorgeous!! I can sooo feel the love in the photos of you with your babies.
    Wish you were just a bit closer for cat sitting!
    On a final note, I am so deeply sorry about your beloved "Maggie"....I lost my Angel Bobo when he was 18 (that was 3 yrs ago). I know Debbie, believe me, I know. I miss him every day.
    My favorite color is green...(I saw it is one of your faves too)
    Ok I will shut up now but I love your blog and it's heart...I look forward to getting to know you!

  5. BEST WISHES to Joe and RaeRae on their new home but I sure am glad you will still get to see them. Rae has stolen my heart with her beeeutiful eyes!! The ole kitties won't know what to think if they can eat in peace now ha!

  6. Good luck to Joe and Rae Rae! Joe's face is so cute...I want to reach through the screen and grab him!

  7. Can't hardly see the screen, as I'm crying. How on earth do you do it? I revere people like you, who can nurture and love and then let go. You are a saint.