Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missing the trains

I miss the sound of the trains that at one time flew threw our little town. The tracks are filling up with weeds and the rails are rusted. BUT...we must always look on the positive, right! You can now walk on the tracks. They are great for a photo opportunity, too. Sometimes you will see a fox or a deer walking along the tracks.
Not today though. But one of these days :)

Kane loves this weather for playing ball. He's over 10 now but still runs like the wind. He just stops more to rest. 
I have been planning to redo my office and make it 'prettier' and more efficient. I came across a fabulous blog called COZY LITTLE HOUSE that is very inspiring.
Brenda is so creative and gave me a great idea for decorating my file folders for each of my cat clients. Drop over and see this scrumptious blog. Her home is so COZY and sweet. You'll love it like I do.

 Cat-tip-for-the-day - Medications to NEVER give a cat.
1.Acetaminophen or aspirin pills (well, duh!)
3.sleeping pills
6.Any meds labelled - Keep out of reach of children.

Our handsome boy, Mr. Ed
Goofy Rae-Rae
I hope you are having the weather we are enjoying. It is warm & sunny with Fall colours. Can't beat it! 

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the sound of the trains near my house! Missing my Charlie already! Of course I have "Sam" my Mom's cat to enjoy!

  2. That Rae Rae is a goof for sure,,but such a cute one! Deb, my Jack has raw sores on his neck. I took him to the vet and he said he thought it might be an allergy. In all my years and cats, I have never had one with allergys.He said steroids might help, what do you think? ;D

  3. Just found your blog this morning. I do not blog but I do enjoy reading kitty blogs. I read your post about feeding feral cats. This summer a mother cat moved 4 kittens to the vacant house next to me. Naturally, I could not help myself and I started taking food to them. Mom cat has been gone for sometime now but the 4 babies are still here, and I am still feeding them. They are starting to not be so afraid of me. I hate that they are there on their own. Even if I could get them to come to me there is not any no kill shelters or cat rescue places here. With winter coming I need to fix a better shelter for them ( right now they live under a deck ). It bothers me that they are there and I can't do more for them. But, I will continue to feed them and keep them as safe as I can. Thought you would understand my feeling since you also feed feral cats.

    Kathy - Indiana, US

  4. Hi Kathy: That is so wonderful that you will help these kittens. Straw & blankets will help to keep them warm as long as they are out of the wind. You can make little houses for them out of plastic containers also. Good luck with this.If you can find a rescue that eventually will spay them that would be the best thing or you will have even more next Spring. The time to find homes for them is now if you can. I would seek help from the local vet and perhaps you can get some help.

  5. Well, I thank you! I'm glad you liked the file folders. Such a cheap decorating trick!