Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the vet we go......

Lily was  off to the vet's office yesterday to have her ears checked. It looked very black in there and she was scratching so I feared she may have ear-mites. She did not. She had a build-up in her ears caused by probably an allergy to something. Great! Now to try and figure out what it is that is causing inflammation and a gross black discharge in just one ear. My vet said that when there is a black build-up of wax in the left ear it is usually an allergy. Interesting...the left ear only. She is now on Surolan Topical Drops for awhile.

Little Cali is having some off-days. I think it is time to have her blood checked again. It is no easy feat taking care of many cats in your home. It is a lot of work and you are always concerned about someone. With 5 seniors this is constant. I always worry that the visit may introduce a disease of some sort and then usually it is a slippery slope from there. Cali is my concern right now.
I'm keeping positive and hoping Lily's ear calms down and she gets some relief. She is not a car-cat. No siree..she hates the car and screeches like an opera singer the whole way.

I have been busy cat-sitting the last two days and enjoyed a play-time with Otis today. He's nuts! He loves to  chase a rope and jump in the air. He doesn't mind one bit landing on his head.
I'm back to the juicing now to get myself healthier. I know what to do to be healthier...."I just need discipline."
*FLASH* - anyone who follows my blog knows of a lady in my town who helps our Animal Control officer with stray cats by taking them into her home and adopts them from there. She works long hours and is very dedicated to the cats. Well, Shelly just became a grandma. "Congratulations, Grandma. Being a new Nan myself I can tell you that you are going to love it."

hugs, Deb 


  1. Hope Lily and Cali are feeling better soon!

  2. With 5 seniors you certainly have your hands full. You are truly a kitty angel!
    I hope Lily and Cali are feeling better soon!
    You? Not healthy? You look fine to me!!!

  3. I hope there is nothing serious with Cali's test results and hope she and Lily will both feel better soon...Best of luck with your sweet babies, Deb...Congratulations to Shelly...Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I so hope there is nothing bad wrong. You have my huge rumbly purrs coming your way.. Your friend has a lot of pleasure coming her way being a grandma.. Hugs GJ x