Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seniors need a little more attention

I have 4 senior cats. They are all at different stages of their life but they all do require more attention now. What do they need mostly, you ask? :) They need love and hugs and every day give them a 'once-over' with your hand to check for any changes on the body.
The old cats get rather batty at times. I have had one on my lap and another one jump up without looking and land right on top of a very surprised kitty. They don't even look anymore.
Their vision is not what it used to be (whose is?) and their reasoning is a little foggy.

They're old but they are wise in the cat-world and they have taught me a thing or two.
They have taught me to relax and sleep on it.
Stop, listen and then, if necessary, ignore.
Not to eat more than I can carry.
If something is in my way, stop and play with it.
Teach others how to treat you. Don't accept abuse and still wag your tail but don't take it so personally. Just go somewhere else where there may be a sunbeam.
Always be yourself and flaunt your best side.
If you really want something from someone just stand in front of them and stare...freaks them out everytime :)

gosh,  I love cats!

Just think, someday this little guy will teach his owner a thing or two...

hugs, Deb


  1. I love Senior Cats. They have differnt ways and they are so amusing as they look at you and say, really? you want me to do what?? Love that look and that stare...your right it does freak us 'people' out! I agree, I love cats!

  2. I love the lessons you have learned from them..good ones! The baby with the H. hat...too too cute! :D

  3. Boy, there's a lot of wisdom in this post!