Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Junkie

Did I mention I love tea? I didn't? You just aren't listening, you are too caught up with all these kitty photos. Well, I do love tea, any kind of tea but just don't give me that green tea. Now I know that green tea is the BEST for us. I know that every health article on tea tells us to drink green tea not black tea. I just can't do it. It tastes like boiled grass to me. I am open to any suggestions to make me like this stuff. I have tried honey and I have sliced up lemon but to no avail. I'm a chamomile tea lover and I know that is good for the 'ol nerves. Sleepy-tyme is a favorite too and pear tea is just splendid. tea rocks!

Don't give me an itsy-bitsy tea cup...I'm serious about this stuff.

I'm starting to put together a little coffee/tea bar
This print was drawn by Julia Freund @ Check out her fabulous work.

Everytime I look at the Grandma sign I just can't believe it. I love it but I just can't believe it!

Lemon balm is great in herbal teas. You can't kill this plant......Rae-Rae is proof.
"I'll get to the plant when I'm done with this mouse"

Today the kitchen is getting painted. Are you ready.....chocolate & cream. Mmmmm, now I will always crave that devilish, brown treat. Who am I kidding? I have a piece of chocolate every day (you know, with the apple ;).
OK..for all you kitty fans here are a few more little ones in need of a home as I type this.

Mother & daughter

Hope you have a lovely day. It is just gorgeous here in Carleton Place, Ontario.

hugs, Deb


  1. I agree. People who claim to enjoy green tea are insane. Give me oversteeped STRONG black tea! The coffee bar looks so you need a drinks cart and a chocolate tray!

    Mr. Ed, here's a big smooch! And one each for the rest of the crowd, as well.

  2. Green tea is some nasty stuff. I am a regular tea girl myself. Love your Grandma sign...I will need one soon!!

  3. I add a few green tea bags with the regular tea, hoping to reap some of those immune system benefits...So many gorgeous babies; I hope they find loving homes very soon...Funny how you feel about 25 no matter how old you are, eh?

  4. Oh yes ~ tea and kitties ~ they go together purrrfectly! :)

    xo Catherine