Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When I open a fresh can of salmon, to the cats it's like the second coming. No matter what they are doing, sleeping, resting, napping, having a shut-eye or dozing....they appear before me with eyes wide, mouths open & anticipation on their faces. They love fish.
I have just found Spirulina in the powder form to start adding to my cats' food. It is fishy, stinky & the powder poofs in your face if you aren't careful, but it is healthy for them . It is recommended that I put 1/8th teaspoon in their daily soft food. It will boost their immune systems and keep them feeling great.

I take the tablet form....4 a day but you can take up to 6 for an adult. The dog gets 1/4 teaspoon a day in his dinner. I think it is good stuff. I don't sell it or make any money from this, I just think it is worth trying.
"I like it, Nan"
"The powder tickles my nose."  I am hugging this girl so much.....she is leaving soon.
Whatever I can do to help keep these 'ol ones' healthy is worth it to me. 
I spent a large part of the day delivering flyers for my cat-sitting business. 
It was a gorgeous day today so driving in the country was so relaxing. Kane and I went for a long walk and played ball in a field. I picked up some keys for cat-sitting. Two of my favorite gals will be spoiled kitties this weekend.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Great tip about the Spirulina, Deb...So sorry Rae Rae is leaving soon; I will miss her precious photos...Take care.

  2. Hi Deb~ ~
    Thanks for the tip. I also use and market natural products on my cats and also for us. I feel so good about treating any kitty health issues that arise with natural products and oils. I love to share what I use with anyone who wants to learn to go natural. I've been doing this for many years now and had much success. . .for people and the pets they love.

  3. Hi, I love your photos.... very intimate and revealing... its nice to know there are true Cat lovers out there..... thankyou....

  4. I've been taking Spirulina for years. I never thought of feeding it to my cats. I have two that are 17 yrs old. Better late than never! I also found coconut oil is good for them all away a round. If I could I would try to keep them alive as long as I live. I could only do my best by loving them.

  5. Hey, great article. I just discovered that it's safe to give pets Spirulina and think it's pretty awesome to be able to treat your pets' health equally as us pet owners do on this scale. Ya know, I actually have Techui Spirulina in my store that is absolutely fabulous and would be great to try for your babies. My store is Click on 'Products' then 'Nutritional' and look for the Techui Spirulina. Let me know how it works for ya if you try it. And tell your friends, too.

  6. Thank U for your good information!!

  7. Hi i just want to checm i give my 2 kitten age 6mth a spirulina. But after that i find out they dont like their food n they loosing some hair fm his top eye n near ear. Ia it the side effect of it?

  8. Deos anyone know about urine blockage issues on here? I had to take my prescious Frankie to the vet after he was only 1 year old, bc his urine was blocked, and he almost died. He was looking for a place to lay down and hide, his kidney's were poisoning him bc he wasn't urinating!>. I jsut want to make sure that the supplement spirulina wouldn't add to the problme?