Thursday, October 21, 2010

In hopes of meeting more kitties

Since selling my dog biscuit business I have expanded the area in which I will be offering in-home cat-care. I love to work in small towns because every small town has its' unique & enticing attractions and unless I have a reason to go there I may not visit often. I am now covering Almonte, Pakenham, Beckwith, Smiths Falls, Balderson & Perth. Looking forward to meeting many new clients.

Almonte, Ont. I always head to Baker Bob's after lovin' up Lucy
.                                                                  "Hi, Lucy"

Photo taken in Pakenham, Ontario, home of one of the best General Stores/Bakery's around. I can't wait to meet kitties from this town. Someone drove by and pointed at me. Probably were saying ..."There's that crazy cat lady".
hugs, Deb


  1. That is a very cute pic of a pretty cat lady! I love in a small town, come here! My Jacks neck looks so bad, it's just bare and just makes me cry. I looked at all the cat food in the store and they are all grain based or have grain in them. I have tried to put medicen on it but nothing works. I might have to do the steroids!

  2. What great pics! I love the character of small towns -- they are so much fun to explore.

  3. Well, this crazy cat lady thinks you look very pretty in that pic and boy, would I love to have a cookie and coffee with you in one of those lovely towns and go kitty sitting for a day with you!! Hope you get several new very lucky clients!!Love the shadow kitty pic!

  4. And there's nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady! Quite freeing, actually...

  5. wow, it's great that you're covering so many areas!! those lucky kitties. do you charge the same rates for all areas since you have to travel quite a ways for some of them?

  6. Congratulations on expanding your business area Deb! Oh how lucky those neighbouring town kitties are to have someone so loving as you to look after them! Yup ~ very lucky!

    Happy Weekend friend!
    xo Catherine