Friday, October 29, 2010

Otis Redding he's not but for a cat he's not bad.

First off, this is lovely Lola. She was abandoned years ago and rescued by one of my cat-sitting clients. She's just a youngun' so she's very playful and spunky. I had fun with her today.

Lola lives with Otis who is the man-cat of the household and is a big goof-ball. He loves to sit and chat awhile. He is telling me here that he is a great singer and if I play my cards right he just may belt out a song for me.
Rosie is the top-cat in this home and has little use for any cat-sitter. I just pretend I don't care which I think ticks her off but we have an understanding and she allows me to wait on her. "Perform your duties and no talking from the staff"
Here's where I turn the radio off in the house so I can get the full benefit of the amazing, soulful voice of Mr. Otis Shedding....

It was a pleasure once again to care for these three munchkins. Always entertaining.
Now on to...

The many faces of a cat
Making faces is a fundamental mode of feline communication. A happy cat has perky ears, pupils normal for the prevailing light level and relaxed whiskers. An angry cat keeps its ears erect but furled back; its pupils constrict to slits and its whiskers bristle forwards. A frightened cat is wide-eyed and lays its ears and whiskers flat. A cat playing or hunting wears a face between those of anger and fear; the pupils are open but the ears are pricked and, like the whiskers, thrust forward. The pleasure of being petted shows in the half-closed eyes of the face of ecstasy.

I bet you'll look at your cat's face a little closer today. Who says we don't understand 'the cat'. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh such cuties! Charlie is so much fun to watch...I love how his face changes.

  2. Cats do have many faces..and I thought I was the only one who thought so! He is a handsome guy! :D

  3. "Sittin' on the dock of a bay..." Otis Shedding--LOL!

    When my furkids are excited and have their whiskers forward we call it "making a Whisker Cup".