Saturday, June 25, 2011

all to myself

I love when I have a few days to myself.

It doesn't happen often so I treasure it.
Tonight I made corn on the cob and garlic bread for my dinner. No man would be satisfied with that but I was. For dessert....grapes.

I have been waiting for this weekend but I hadn't ordered rain.
The cats are dining on salmon (bones and all)
The rain came down in buckets tonight so Kane didn't get a walk. He's actually stuck to my ankle because there was some thunder and that will put him off for the rest of the night. Sometimes I wonder if he was one of those dogs that get tied to a dog-house and left outside to pine for their owner.  He's so terrified of thunder and fire-works that the only explanation is that he was left outside and couldn't get away from it. He is a rescued dog so who knows. Poor dog.
I have a new cat this weekend to cat-sit but so far he is afraid of strangers so this one will take some work.
The others are repeat customers (I like to call them) and will dance around my legs as I prepare their dinner. dinner might be popcorn.
hugs, Deb

p.s. Adoptions seem to have slowed down a great deal at shelters and more cats come in at this time than any other. Please help your local shelter to feed and care for your area's cats. Take a bit of time this weekend and drop in to the closest shelter and make a donation or sign up to volunteer over the summer months. They are desperate for our help and our funds to feed the numbers that come in EVERYDAY. Why are adoptions down throughout the summer? Because we are busy with our lives and forget all about the animals that sit in cages in shelters that are full to capacity. Even if you just take one day a week to  help or make that needed donation of money or food it would make their chance of survival much higher. Think....what would we do without our local animal shelters? We should be cheering them on and giving our time.
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb isn't it fun to just eat what you want and be home with just the furry kids. Enjoy your popcorn! h

  2. I love solo days! Enjoy your dinner tomorrow evening...I wonder what will be your dessert? I hope it's chocolate!

  3. I was just headed out to get some groceries. Our shelter is always in need of baby food. Maybe I'll get some and take it over. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Thanks Deb!

  4. Hi Deb...Ah, yes...time to myself! I don't get much either! And I actually like cozy! Although you all have had quite enough up there in Canada! Have you been affected by the flooding? Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I'm alone this evening too. Hubby is out of town at a work conference, sonny boy is out at friends. I had cereal for supper.... :)

    Enjoy your evening Deb!
    xo Catherine